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Morbid Angel Maze Of Torment Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2011 12:00:00 PM

Life betrayal - a warping rage
Evil ripping caverns through your mind
Immolation - in blood you've signed your soul away
Sickening life ends but the horror has just begun

Vultures moaning a funeral dirge
Walls await to cradle you and rip your soul apart
Incessant screaming echoes through the maze
Insanity approaches - imminent demise

Maze of torment
Maze of death

Stricken from the holy book deliverance to pain
Effigy of Jesus Christ burning in your mind
Voices cry out to bid you welcome
Locked within the dungeons of darkness - no escape!!

Maze of torment
Maze of death

Passing through corridors embedded with scars
Of those who have gone before you, and left their marks
Warning comes too late to save you now
Visions of suffering stab from the inside

You pray for death
Mourning does no good as you can only die once
Souls are being raped by the maze
Lost in these halls, endlessly

Maze of torment
Maze of death