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Why get up in the morning to work at Taco Bell when you could be traveling the continental US pushing your bands fresh new sound to people near and far? Precisely the philosophy of five guys from Tallahassee, FL. Derek, Jeremy, Alex, Brooks and Jake all decided to quit their jobs thinking outside of the bun and started to think about performing in a parade

Mayday Parade was born when two popular Tallahassee bands, Kid Named Chicago and Defining Moment, decided to merge and form one group. Both bands had been friends for a long time but they each seemed to have different kind of holdups. They pooled their resources, booted out the undedicated members and decided to take the good from each band and move forward. Armed with a dynamic lead singer Derek Sanders of Defining Moment, Mayday Parade explodes with energy and personality. Fans of both bands came together in support of the Parade and it wasnt long until thousands of other new fans got into the action. Mayday Parade knew theyd have to start at the grassroots level and began to work themselves to the top. Through their catchy tunes and fun attitude, they have hooked fans at their shows and online with an interactive MySpace selling 10,000 eps without label support.

With the work hard, play hard, do whatever it takes to spread your music philosophy that most young bands need to have these days, the band took to the road and started winning over kids not just in Florida, but across the country. Mayday Parade was consistently in the top 30 unsigned artists on MySpace. Theyve consolidated over 50,000 friends and growing and have totaled over 2.4 Million plays. With labels hot on their tail, Mayday Parade decided that Fearless Records was the one for them and signed at the end of the summer 2006.

Mayday Parades live show also conveys their personality through a show that is intensely full of life. The band knows how to put on an engaging show with five energetic members theres no escaping the energy that Mayday Parade brings. Theyre all over the stage making sure the audience goes home happy and wanting more.

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LOVE you guyz!!! | Reviewer: Carla | 7/30/13

I love mayday parade especially theyre songs:
Jamie all over
Misrable at best
When i get home your so dead.
I Love Love LOVE you guys!!!
I hope more music comes!!!
Cant wait for the tour this year!!!
*has panic attack*

ilovethem | Reviewer: Ilovethemsomuch <3 | 3/22/13



Get your facts straight reviewers | Reviewer: Tyler | 12/3/12

You people need to shut up if you don't even seem to know why Jason left. It had to do with the death of his Father and his wife. No it had nothing to do with the band because they were really close to each other. The members were devastated when he left.

i love you guys!!! | Reviewer: samantha | 5/15/12

i LOVE mayday parade! I can't wait to get home and listen to them on my ipod! my favorite will always and forever be "Miserable at best" love you guys! keep doing what ya doing!!! ♥

New Mayday Parade + GoRadio = Original Mayday | Reviewer: Fredo Eff | 10/28/11

Let's be real. I've been trying to not be like everyone else say that Jason made Mayday but without him. They really aren't Mayday. I do believe they are still great and have their albums and GoRadios album on repeat all day long. But every time i listen to TTBDF and ALIR, i just love their music and harmonizing, especially @ the end of there songs like Three Cheers, One Mans Drinking Game, Miserable @Best, You Be the Anchor, Just Say You're Not Into It, ect. It just isn't the same.
They are cool with each other, why don't they just give us one last song together?

Stay | Reviewer: fred | 10/4/11

hi mayday parade :)

well, my name is fred im actually from Philippines, and one of my friend, named katherine in short kate :) she is also from phil. and she is totally into every songs of your band.

well what can i say, she told me to listen to your song's and im actually listening to it already. and i love them :)
lol just confuse about the comment 1/30/09 about katie , its like wow.. :) its like the same way ,or same story, that happen to me with this girl that i like its not just like, its the girl that i love <3. i hope some of these days that if she realize how i cared and love her its not yet too late :) and that girl will be Kate <3 :)

Like a hundred more. | Reviewer: Angela Nicole | 10/26/10

I love them so much, their songs are so thoughtful and they have so much meaning. Yes, Jason was great, but i belive it was his decision. Derek is so great, and adorable too(: I love this band!!

Love, Angela Nicole

Missing Jason | Reviewer: natasha | 9/16/10

Don't get me wrong they're still the most AMAZING band ever made, but Jason's lyrics were more meaningful and his voice is BEAUTIFUL ♥
Jason's new band is pretty good too [Go Radio go check them out =P] but not even close to the old Mayday Parade. I blame this completely on Derek by the way, like did he really have to say he wrote the lyrics ?

I miss jason "/ | Reviewer: Ana | 3/28/10

I used to love love love mayday parade,
i mean, jason's lyrics and his voice are phenomenal.
so naturally, they were my favorite band,
the operative word being "were".
when jason left, i was heartbroken; seriously, derek was such a jerk, saying that he was the songwriter and the mastermind behind all the songs, when in reality, it was jason.
i think jason did the right thing by leaving, although his new band is quite as good as MP.
Your review, however, is totally wrong, it wasn't that jason was "undedicated", he just didn't want to work with a bunch of plagiarizing biotches.


haha wow love love | Reviewer: ♥the jade♥ | 12/16/09

well i am chillin with my buddys and i thought i would look u guys up and wow i realized you guys are amazing..... you leave me speachless and i cant fathium how good you guys are wowzers..... i cant think of anyother word to say but OH MY GOD YOU ARE AMAZING....!

lovelovelove. | Reviewer: Erin. | 9/9/09

Mayday Parade is amazing. Their songs are just so beautiful. They don't just write lyrics about the most random things just for the sake of a song. I love them for that. And Derek and Jake's voices, wow. GORGEOUS. <3

<3 | Reviewer: Taylor | 7/25/09

I love Mayday Parade :]
Their music always makes me think. i love 'when i get home your so dead'. it reminds me of how my best friends ex treated him :[
but anywho.
omg i cant wait till we get more music from them :]

What's the meaning of this song? | Reviewer: Lisa | 6/4/09

I love ur songs, they're really deep and i love each of the meanings they all have cuz i know so many ppl can relate. I recently downloaded one of ur songs, "I'd hate to be you you when people find what this song is about" and i keep trying to figure what the song is actually about and the title too.

miserable at best | Reviewer: ♥jade lee♥ | 4/14/09

hello i love the song miserable at best the song makes me think of me and my friend cuz we are so alike we are like twins
i listen to your songs every day and sometimes when i feel sad i listen to miserable at best and i think of my friend oh her name is katie but i call her k8y or k8e

miserable at best. | Reviewer: katie. | 1/30/09

omg!<3. so, my name's katie, and this song totally reminds me of myself, and someone. :]

but anyways.. this boy eric, he has this song on his phone.
& he used to like me, i mean he was so in love with me. & i seemed to always mess with his head. :[
he asked me out, i said yes, then i got back with my ex. well.. i really couldn't help it, iwas so in love with my ex.

& yes, i know that was so wrong.
& i seriously regret it everyday of my life.
he doesn't talk to me anymore,
i messaged him, but he never messaged me back.

but since he had the song on his phone,
it makes me wonder, maybe the lyrics in the song, is the same exact way he feels, well, felt about me.

i loved him, but i was afraid of getting hurt,
which was stupid, because i know he wouldn't hurt me.
he was so nice!
but yeah, i'm gonna go listen to the song now.

BTW, mayday parade, i love you guys with all my heart. <3.


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