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Since the 2003 release of his Universal South debut, Happy,
Matthew West has been on a fast track to making music
history. The project’s first single, “More,” held the #1
spot on R&R’s Christian Adult Contemporary singles chart
for a record-breaking nine weeks and went on to be named
Christian Song of the Year by ASCAP. Capping off an
eventful year, Matthew was nominated in five categories—
including New Artist of the Year— at the 2005 GMA Music
Awards. Meanwhile, the young singer/songwriter has had his
songs recorded by many of the More...

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Review about Matthew West songs
Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forgiveness performed by Matthew West

This is a great song. It has greatly affected my life. My biological father cheated on my mom and abandoned her along with my younger brother and I. I harbored hatred towards this man that I didn't even know and it just grew stronger and stronger until I heard this song. I broke down as a speaker spoke the lyrics out slowly while everyone listened. That day I forgave that man and was truly set free of the prison of unwillingness to forgive him. It was hard to do but this song opened my eyes and showed me just how important that forgiveness truly is. I can say from my experience that my life has forever been changed. I hope people who share my struggle can come to the same realization and forgive as I have. I love this song and Matthew West. He is a great singer and songwriter and this is one of his many successes. It is a clear song with a great message and good singing. I give it a 5 out of 5.

Used to define me | Reviewer: Tina
    ------ About the song Hello, My Name Is performed by Matthew West

I love this song, the words in the beginning used to describe me, but not anymore. I am truly a child of the one the one true King. I thank God for giving you the words to write and sing.

    ------ About the song More performed by Matthew West

life here on earth is like a winding road no one knows what's around the corner and things or bound to happen in this complicated world that we live in.
I will Praise His Holy Sweet Holy Name with understanding I will worship Him with understanding even though the road is long and hard and the burden seems to get heavier each passing day I will Praise His Holy Sweet Holy Name with understanding, because some things are meant to happen and some things are not meant to be.
I will thank Him, I will praise His Holy Sweet holy Name with understanding because God Our Heavenly Father knows what is best for me I will carry own in obedience without grumble or complaint even though the road is long and hard and the burden seems to get heavier each passing day, I thank you God I Praise your Holy Sweet holy Name for allowing me to have the Courage Strength and Determination to carry on in my life even when it seemed like their was no hope in sight Your Amazing Almighty God, something that I could not believe myself, I will Praise His Holy Sweet Holy Name, I will Praise His Sweet Holy Name.

My Favorite Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hello, My Name Is performed by Matthew West

This is definitely my favorite song. It is a part of me every time its on the radio i turn it up. And my mom knows how much i love it so she never cares if I listen to it. It will probably be my favorite song forever.

Gods love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I say I do performed by Matthew West

I believe that there is a God and this song just reminded me of the exact words I would like to tell my fiancée,i never thot I would ever get married,I lived a life full of sin,I used to do things that am so ashamed of toking about bt when I met my fiancée,he never gave up on me coz he wanted me to change.en jus a word to pipo reading this,when u want to change,change for ur own gud en not fo a person coz once dat person lives you,u can go bak to your old ways.I thank God my wedding is in June but most of the time my past keeps hounting me.

GREATEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: Kathy
    ------ About the song Hello, My Name Is performed by Matthew West

I absolutely love this song. It is part of my heart. It is a reminder that no matter what this world tells us, we are still the child of the one true king and there is a future for us. Thank you, Matthew, for giving us such a beautiful reminder of who we are.

So beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I say I do performed by Matthew West

This song will be part of our 25 anniversary renewal this coming summer. We have been through so much. My husband has always been by my side especially during the death of my father last week. God truly new we were meant to be together and He made it so ❤️

This song is maudlin, condescending and pagan! | Reviewer: Zebedee
    ------ About the song Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas performed by Matthew West

Part of an entire group of Christmas songs that sounds best at 2 a.m. when everyone is drunk, the song is maudlin and melancholy. That comment is not intended as criticism; If you want to spend Jesus' birthday drunk, go ahead.
My criticism is that the song is very condescending to anyone who takes delight in Christmas. It is downright sarcastic, by using the diminutive word "little". It derides the person who honors the star by hanging it upon the hightst bough. Maybe you don't think it is making fun of the person who celebrates Christmas but I do.
Finally, the reference to Yuletide is Druid, not Christian. As a final slap in the face to those who believe the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the lyrics include this qualifier: "IF the Fates allow." The Fates are ancient Greek gods who determine your future and end your life by cutting a thread when it is time for you to die. If you believe that stuff you deserve to have a merry "little" drunken pagan Christmas.

Yes! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I say I do performed by Matthew West

My husband randomly found this song and used it for our wedding. This is so applicable to us. It was a month after my cancer diagnose, but he decided to be with me and get married to me believing God put us together. He daid he has never been fo sure that I am the one for him, and told me that this song perfectly reptesents his feeling to me. Now we have been married for half a year, still under cancer treatment, but he is still with me as sung in this song.

To "Marriage Healed" | Reviewer: Concerned
    ------ About the song Forgiveness performed by Matthew West

To the woman who wrote about her marriage being healed. I am concerned that you may be seeing signs where there is none. I mean no disrespect when I say this but I do not believe God would want you to return to your husband (I believe God wants you to forgive), to the man that took your daughter's innocences away. I do believe God is the great redeemer; my advice to you is that you seek counsel from elders in your church about this; I believe God can redeem your husband but to return to him I think would be putting your daughter at risk again, also your daughter has to move forward with her pain and go through a healing process first before you and your husband heal your marriage. I believe your focus, right now, should NOT be on healing your marriage but healing your daughter first and then together with counsel from elders of your church to work on your marriage with your husband (while he lives elsewhere) then work on healing the relationship between your daughter and her dad (if she so decides this is what she wants). My concern is that your daughter has been put to the side and will end up hurt again.
Please seek healthy, Godly counsel before you move forward with a marriage with this man and introducing him back into the family unit with the daughter he violated.
My prayers are with you during this time.

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