Matthew West Albums

  • Into the Light Album (9/25/2012)
    Into The Light
    Hello, My Name Is
    Do Something
    Moved By Mercy
    We Are The Broken
    Wonderfully Made
    Waitin' On A Miracle
    Love Stands Waiting
    The Power Of A Prayer

  • The Heart Of Christmas Album (10/1/2011)
    The Heart Of Christmas
    Give This Christmas Away
    Leaving Heaven
    One Last Christmas
    Christmas Makes Me Cry
    Day After Christmas
    Come On, Christmas
    Jingle Bells
    O, Holy Night
    Oh, Come All Ye Faithful
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

  • The Story Of Your Life Album (10/5/2010)
    The Story Of Your Life
    My Own Little World
    Strong Enough
    Family Tree
    To Me
    One Less
    Two Houses
    Broken Girl
    The Reason For The World
    The Healing Has Begun

  • Something To Say Album (1/15/2008)
    Something To Say
    The Motions
    You Are Everything
    The Center
    Save A Place For Me
    Life Inside You
    Safe And Sound
    The Moment Of Truth
    A Friend In The World
    All The Broken Pieces
    Stop The World

  • History Album (3/1/2005)
  • Happy Album (1/23/2004)
  • Sellout Album (2/5/2002)

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