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If providence hadn't played its part, you might find Matt
Wertz's name on a pair of sneakers rather than on a CD
cover. But as a result of Matt's earnest desire to follow
wherever his passions led him, music, rather than shoe
design, was in the plans for this 24-year-old Kansas City
native. Familiar and quirky, serious and witty, the
introspective artist and the guy next door, Matt Wertz is
as unique as the story behind his music.

Matt recalls the exact moment he left his sneaker design
aspirations behind and turned to writing More...

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Reviews about Matt Wertz songs

Line Correction | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Somedays performed by Matt Wertz

I think instead of "So I can't let the joy be depending on the sunrays" it should be "So I can't be letting joy depend on the sunrays." But these lyrics were great and the most accurate I've seen. It was just really bugging me haha. Thanks.

Unbelievable | Reviewer: Casey
    ------ About the song 5:19 performed by Matt Wertz

This song is so amazing.. Its hard to think that one day I was just flipping through artits and found him. It was fate, and Im so glad I heard this. This song means so much to me, and its by far my favorite in the world right now.

Totally wonderfull | Reviewer: Cathrin
    ------ About the song 5:19 performed by Matt Wertz

This song is so amasing, i'm going throug a breake up because he needed a breake, so this song is really a support to me...

Its a shame... | Reviewer: Kim
    ------ About the song 5:19 performed by Matt Wertz

Great song, great voice, great sound but its a shame its all so similar to John Mayer. He'll get lost in the shuffle. Throaty breathy male singers are practically a dime a dozen.

5:19,,,wow | Reviewer: Kirst
    ------ About the song 5:19 performed by Matt Wertz

I love this song, it sounds amazing, i love his voice, and i have felt like this before it felt like it was written for me! Thanks matt!


Sweetness in Starlight | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sweetness In Starlight performed by Matt Wertz

I'm getting married in September. and this is the most perfect song. the location will be in an ampitheatre under the stars with candles lit everywhere. its a beautiful song. and I love it. thanks bunches!

For your information | Reviewer: cathey
    ------ About the song 5:19 performed by Matt Wertz

huh.. i reallly love this song,..
coz the meaning and the sound of the song is really fit.. and i can relate as well

Review | Reviewer: Carsen
    ------ About the song With You, Tonight performed by Matt Wertz

saw him in concert, and hes ten time better live.. love this song

awesome | Reviewer: hillary
    ------ About the song The Way I Feel performed by Matt Wertz

this song is awesome i mean it so sweet and he has the best voices it is one of my favorites

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