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Matt Hunter Biography

Last updated: 04/01/2013 01:52:13 PM

As Latinos continue to become a major force in the United States, the influence of Spanish-speaking cultures has become undeniable.

Today, a new generation of young kids who are the product of this now look to express themselves and their experiences. But in order for the world to take notice they need someone who understands them, a young person with a voice just like their own, just a kid with a dream.

Matt Hunter is that voice.

A 13 year old New York City native, Matt Hunter was born to a Colombian mother and Italian father. His charisma and love to entertain all those around him was quickly recognized by his family and friends.

Growing up in a bilingual household, Matt found a way to use his Latino Heritage to speak to millions of young kids just like him as the voice of Diego on "Nickelodeons Dora The Explorer" and "Go Diego Go".

But this was just the first step in working towards his own larger dream. There was a piece of Matt that could only be expressed through one outlet, music.

Influenced by the popular music heard amongst his siblings and peers as wella s the Latin bachatas, salsas, and cumbia played by his mother. Matt was intenet upon delivering hiw own musical sound that combined both worlds.

With the help of Infared Ink and Grand Staff, Matt was able to gather the elements of his New York City upbringing as well as his Latino heritage and work them into a fun and powerful sound that is sure to make you move.

Now, witht he proper stage set, Matt Hunter is ready to take over your iPods, radios and television screens.

Never before has a teenageer been able to capture the imaginations of not one but two worlds in the way that Matt Hunter is capable of.

From coast to coast across the United States, down to Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe, the world needs to prepare because the Hunters are here and they're feeling FUEGO!!!