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Matthew Miller was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania on
June 30th 1979, corresponding to the Jewish date of the 5th
of Tamuz 5740. Shortly after his birth, the Miller family
moved to Berkeley, CA and eventually settled in White
Plains, NY. Growing up, Matisyahu's parents sent him to
Hebrew School a couple of times a week, but like many kids,
he resisted the additional school hours and was frequently
threatened with expulsion for disrupting the lessons.

By the age of 14, Matthew Miller slid comfortably into the
laid-back lifestyle of More...

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Review about Matisyahu songs
Accurate Lyrics, remixed song on video | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Close My Eyes performed by Matisyahu

What is the name of the version of this song in the video? The lyrics above are accurate to the original version from Shake Off the Dust...Arise album, but this video is a remix. Anyone know the name of the remix?

The Tree | Reviewer: Kn
    ------ About the song Father In The Forest performed by Matisyahu

Dear MatisYahu,
I know at one point you saw, that the earth, land, and sea, gave birth to the father of the forest,setting that tree free! who are they to judge we, for when i see truth they see crazy, for that sight of crazy is their own impurity, allowing them never to see,that guard at the door, that guard is me, for the world has taken everything, but they cant take me, for the problems are simple if you take a close look at the tree, through the hydrolysis of water can simply solve everything,for everything they use only depletes, in order for growth like you said we must replant and reseed,for the product will be rebirth of that tree, allowing that guard to put down his sword giving sight for all to see, the true beauty of the garden, the home for the free

Youth Lyrics - Matisyahu | Reviewer: Don Aca
    ------ About the song Youth performed by Matisyahu

I believe that Matisyahu is trying to get across is the conflicts between the Jews and the Muslims.
First let me start off at where Matisyahu says "Seven subjects disconect" hes talking about the Muslim
community Seven Deadly Sins which the Muslims are trying to enforced in Israel, he is telling the Jewish Youth that they have the choice to believe what they want to believe.

And where he says "So the youth then gets vexed..." I think he means the people that do believe the Seven
Deadly Sins think that thats all they have to worry about, so they go out and do exactly what it says in
the song, and that replaces their figuretive heart.

The Leaf From The Tree | Reviewer: Kyrion Nelson
    ------ About the song Father In The Forest performed by Matisyahu

Dear MatisYahu,
please forgive me for my words if they have led you astray, my mouth sometimes wanders, with the dreams of a happier day, where many see destruction, i see rebirth and growth, where many see hate, i am taking not lust but love as an oath, so like a chime, let the wind blow, for death is a crime, so that path lets not show, its time to walk hand in hand, reunite, the fallen leafs from below, and show a wintery rebith, isnt always soo cold, so like that leaf to a tree, or tree to a leaf, take the time to ponder, please take the time to see, that i bag to walk hand and hand, with each and every child that you see, so please, Ohh Please, Oh please, forgive me, If i have ever slandered, your faith or belief, its time to stand firm, like any tree that we see, travling the same path through life, all trying to corrolate and stem to the same thing, so if you see what i see, then you know where i be, if you want to walk hand and hand , come grab me, for i dont want to seperate the sea, but instead like that leaf, i all jjust want us to float gently, Irie!!
Forgive me PLease...

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song King Without A Crown performed by Matisyahu

Even though Im an atheist, I still enjoy listening to this song. I love the beat, not necessarily the underlying meaning. Just got a great rhythm. Matisyahu can string it together well, as well.

think about it | Reviewer: Lady Anaïs
    ------ About the song Youth performed by Matisyahu

That's stupid. Honestly, you have to be very insecure to think this lyrics are underestimating women. Have you heard any popular music nowadays? You'll find a lot of sexism there. And almost no one takes the time to talk about youth, if they do, they only tell tragedies, but nobody goes further, no one encourages youth to search for themselves and do something positive like this song. Don't waste your time trying to twist beautiful messages, and if you as a woman feel underestimated, listen to this song, it may encourage you to do something about it.

Bliss | Reviewer: Christopher
    ------ About the song King Without A Crown performed by Matisyahu

I really enjoy hearing this song it helps me remember that there is a better way to live then they way most of us Americans do. I really like the line "If your trying to stay hight your bound to stay low you wanted god but cant deflate your ego" Amazing song thanks Matisyahu!

higher spirits | Reviewer: cynthia
    ------ About the song King Without A Crown performed by Matisyahu

i could just listen to this song over and over and over again and never get tired of it, the first time i heard this song i thought it was a jamican pot head song with a really cool beat but of course when i listen to the words thats when i was really effected by it, i have to agree with some of the people on here that talk about organized religion theres nothing that bothers me more than some one who tells me HOW to love and find GOD this is between me and GOD not me and the church and GOD? this song really speaks to my spirit and just makes me wanna dance and praise GOD even if it looks silly, i dont care!

in tune | Reviewer: Jajajavi
    ------ About the song King Without A Crown performed by Matisyahu

Whenever I'm feeling "off" I listen to this song & I remember where my strength comes from. It lifts me and gets me in tune with my Higher Power that is always here for me. I feel tremendous emotion when I realize I had been "drowning" I asked for mercy & was thrown a rope.I simply just have to believe. Anyway thank you to Matisyahu for writing this song filled with love and hope.

Don't be a sheep | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song King Without A Crown performed by Matisyahu

It is my personal opinion that orginized religeon is for the weak minded.looking to someone else to help you find god.The only place you have to look is inside yourself for only you can save you. I do agree with the statement that we all prey to the same god no matter what your religeon. It's not what you say it's what you do that will help you find god. But it all starts with you! Feel it, truly feel it. Or you are lying to yourself!!!

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