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Lisa Loeb Matches Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2013 07:10:38 PM

There’s wood for the fire
but there’s no matches
no matches
been here for awhile
but there’s no matches
no matches

Just fools on a wire
balancing old and untried
so we will fall into the night
‘cause there’s no matches
no matches

Last night I closed my eyes
see my life flashing, flashing
why am I so surprised
that it’s not lasting, lasting

I can’t make a sound
‘cause I have burned to the ground
ashes and dust falling down
among the old matches, old matches

Please wash the ashes away
you know I don’t like to beg
but give me a spark to cut the grey
‘cause there’s no matches

‘Cause there’s no matches
no more matches
no matches