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"mad season by matchbox twenty," the long-awaited second
Melisma/Lava/Atlantic release from matchbox twenty, stands
as a great leap forward for one of today's most compelling
rock n' roll groups.Following the stunning success of their
explosive 1996 Lava/Atlantic debut, "YOURSELF OR SOMEONE
LIKE YOU," this soul-infused collection of modern classics
amply demonstrates the band's remarkably expressive range
and power.From the potent and powerful pop of "Black &
White People" to the turbulent "Angry" and "You Won't Be
Mine," each of the More...

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Review about Matchbox 20 songs
Yup, Sure Remember This Ol' One | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Long Day performed by Matchbox 20

We played this in my band - "Stain Glass Mercy" and yeah, though we probably didn't play this as well as Matchbox 20 as I sure hope they didn't get peeved at us for changing the lyrics a tad. The message is clear = we all have long days in our work life, what are you doin' at the end of the day to alleviate the crap you go through in life.

And here's my usual disclaimer: throw your cares to the One who created you. His Name is Jesus.

I can relate things to this song | Reviewer: Maya
    ------ About the song Back 2 Good performed by Matchbox 20

I really like this song. I could even relate Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga's physical fight on the real housewives of New Jersey to this song. I can also relate Tim and Al from home improvement to this song sometimes. This song came out a couple months before I was born.

Great matchbox 20 song | Reviewer: Maya
    ------ About the song Unwell performed by Matchbox 20

Great song by matchbox 20. This is one of their best songs. I started to get into matchbox 20 when I was a teenager. This song came out when I was 4 years old. I remember listening to it years ago.

response to Boyce | Reviewer: Jason
    ------ About the song Push performed by Matchbox 20

You clearly dont understand the lyrics if you think its thrown together lol and im sure it was popular for the past 2 decades cause its garbage lol get laid brah maybe u wont be so angry at the world

What a lot of masogyny! | Reviewer: Boyce Webn
    ------ About the song Push performed by Matchbox 20

I am a 51 year old man. I love everything from Buddy Holly to Radiohead.
But this song is one of the most masogynistic pieces of garbage ever recorded. It's a horrible song with any lyrics. And Matchbox 20 is a mediocre band at best. Elliott Smith could have out written them uer any circumstances. But he's gone and we're left with buffoons like Matchcebox 20. Great, just great.

Asking to be saved | Reviewer: guest29
    ------ About the song Downfall performed by Matchbox 20

the song is about a guy who had a girl who left him because he was no good for her. he knows she was right to do so coz he has nothing good to offer her. he wants this girl and he loves her very much. its been a while, but he has never forgotten her. he thinks about her often, and wonders what it could have been if he fought for her. and even though he thinks he did right by letting her go, he wishes she had fought to stay with him and believed in him to succeed in life. she could have saved him from himself then. this song is the thought he has in his mind now, knowing theres nothing that can save him now.

Great Song :) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Sad So Lonely performed by Matchbox 20

Another great song by the boys of Matchbox 20! So emotional, great lyrics and vocals. The instrumentals are amazing and just make me want to listen all day. One of my favourite, I wish it had it's own track slot.

Thanks to the publisher and more to the site | Reviewer: Ibrahim
    ------ About the song Long Day performed by Matchbox 20

I really appreciate the help my friend did here for publishing this accurate lyrics and this is what i always encounter from this amazing site i always compare it with other lyrics site but Sing 365 always prove that it's the best site thanks to the owner and to the publisher again .

Give it time | Reviewer: g
    ------ About the song If You’re Gone performed by Matchbox 20

Though love and close relationships are certainly worth tending to when genuine so they don't die of neglect a certain amount of careful introspection might be in order to unbiasedly analyse if the perceived relationship is real. Sometimes minds play tricks and we are all to willing to accept our illusion of another person and our perceived relationship with them based on desire or incomplete or misguided impressions. Romance is a form of monomania. For some it works, for most it doesn't. If you are among the majority who chased your mirage until it faded and then disappeared altogether, don't feel sorry for yourself, take heart and enjoy the huge advantage the freedom of truth provides you. Yes, close relations can be good, but like other forms of monomania they can blind us to the enormous value of many other less intense relationships and worthwhile pursuits life can offer.

song for us | Reviewer: xxhaterxx
    ------ About the song Unwell performed by Matchbox 20

i love listening on this song although i know that this song was released years ago and still lovely to hear. so meaningful, every words from the lyrics do have meaning. that's why i love this song until now

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