Matchbook Romance Lyrics

"Third time's a charm, but would we even get that far?" -
"14 Balloons"

Allow us to introduce Poughkeepsie, NY's MATCHBOOK ROMANCE
once known as The Getaway. These four young men rock so
well that Epitaph Records had to pluck 'em right off the

"The Internet really played and plays a major part of our
success as a band," says bassist Ryan Kienle, weeks before
the band lets the leash off West for Wishing, their debut
EP. A taut, five-tune taste of an LP to come later this
year, WFW is ripe with layered emotional-hardcore More...

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Submit Matchbook Romance New Lyrics

Review about Matchbook Romance songs
zznYGHUbMeMkZMSV | Reviewer: Martin
    ------ About the song Playing For Keeps performed by Matchbook Romance

@SandeeGreat! There are truly a ton of ways to pictcrae your video in a very low-risk environment. The key is to get started once you do, most folks realize they really CAN do it. And these resources make it so simple to do.

xxvqXmbVoGdx | Reviewer: Issac
    ------ About the song Cream Soda performed by Matchbook Romance

this was my cnavirg when i was preggers with fish! but it turns out i'm allergic to the green colourant. so yes i LOVE frankie's!!! also love the cinnamon cola in the range aaah another joiner! shall give her a linky

VejWQmksNYgaPRUd | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Monsters performed by Matchbook Romance

An hour of foecsud listening would be an excellent way to stimulate the muse. Add music and it's a win on more than one level. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with us. Off to check out the video.

Oh Guitar Hero... | Reviewer: Spence
    ------ About the song Monsters performed by Matchbook Romance

Yah I agree with the guy below me. It does suck when everybody has to relate good music to Guitar Hero. I've been playing GH and real guitar for years and GH has actually introduced me to different artists and genres. But yeah, it kinda sucks to know that everybody here heard this on Guitar Hero. And has to associate it with an Xbox game :/

F guitar hero | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Monsters performed by Matchbook Romance

This is one reason Why I don't like guitar hero... Because when A song is on there, half the time when you talk about that song people think "Guitar Hero" If people spent half their time that they spend on Guitar Hero on the real guitar, maybe we would have more good guitarists out there.

But I do love this song. It's amazing and me and my friends are preforming it.

Daf (my dreams) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Promise performed by Matchbook Romance

This song is so touching. It reminds me of d only girl i luv. She promised me that she will never leave me and to love me till her dying day. But we broke up n now the only way to see her is to go to sleep becoz that is the only time i can see her. I still luv her no matter what happenr. Daffy i luv u dear.

This song is genius | Reviewer: Alexander
    ------ About the song Portrait performed by Matchbook Romance

Yes, I think this song is pure genius.Matchbook romance has managed to create this song which affects me (and probably you) emotionally.
When I listen to portrait i feel happyness inside me of its sound and sadness from the song itself at the same time.

friends like u | Reviewer: friends like u
    ------ About the song Promise performed by Matchbook Romance

omg this song makes me cry i mean this is exactly the words that i'd liked to say to my bf trying to tell him how much i loved him but i guess not the way that I cares him or maybe yes but not good enough really

booooo XD

heartbrake again!

Guitar Hero 3 :D | Reviewer: RaauuL ;D
    ------ About the song Monsters performed by Matchbook Romance

hey guys :D you DON'T buy this in the music store,, you unlock it in Co-op Mode,, is the last song you unlock ;D also in Co-op is where you unlock Reptilia :D but when you already unlock it,, you can play it in SINGLE mode ;D

aawesome song ! (L)

remix | Reviewer: forevergd
    ------ About the song My Eyes Burn performed by Matchbook Romance

Well, It is my first time listening matchbook romance. And This thing is pretty good. There is a remix called "my holiday burn". It is a splendid song that includes my eyes burn and holiday (the get up kids). I absolutely recommend it.

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