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MASTODON is an explosive, unbridled force. Possessing an
uncanny songwriting sense, fearless innovation,
unparalleled technical ability and a bottomless pool of raw
talent and creativity, MASTODON is inarguably one of the
most exciting new bands to form in the last 10 years.

In order to re-focus and regroup after leaving Today Is The
Day in 1999, bandmates Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher opted
to move back to their hometown Rochester, New York. There,
Dailor and Kelliher united with their former band Lethargy
for a swansong show and More...

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Review about Mastodon songs
Awesome song | Reviewer: ElCastigo
    ------ About the song Trainwreck performed by Mastodon

A great song for a journey, i think - it really suits the thoughts of the way, travelling, changing the place you belong to... Well, afterall - i guess, song is awesome - and it can slightly change the way you think
(excuse me my English. i hope you got the idea of review)

Shit yeeah | Reviewer: Some dumb cheezmo Miner
    ------ About the song Megalodon performed by Mastodon

Like the other songs on this album, this song totally takes me to the water, like ripping oceans and dark depths, its so fucking killer even having listened to The Hunter religiously, and all the other albums, for something now so primitive to the Don themselves, Leviathan will always have its own untouched, independent vibe, and I just give it to Mastodon for being one of the coolest and stand-alone bands to ever grace the fucking earth.
Sorry if that was extra wordy, im higher than you could ever know :)

wow | Reviewer: california metal head
    ------ About the song The Last Baron performed by Mastodon

@ K's -couldnt have said it better myself man.

Mastodon should be locked in a studio for the rest of their lives and only let out for bathroom breaks. They are amazing musicians, that can bring multiple emotions/colors (call it what you will) into one song.

remarkable | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Last Baron performed by Mastodon

i fell asleep listening to this once. i was terrified and exhilarated at the same time. i have no idea how any band could be this good. but what does he say at about 3 minutes 9 second in? is it save my life?

Whooaaaaa | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Siberian Divide performed by Mastodon

So sad..... he finally realizes, after all these adventures and hardships, after these unforgettable experiences, that he's going to die on this mountain, and he can't save himeself (the empty climb). Then he dies of cold, starvation, whatever..... At the choral part at the very end I cried a little bit. Reminds me of Santiago in the old man and the sea, or that guy in cast away.

Holy christ | Reviewer: Ks
    ------ About the song The Last Baron performed by Mastodon

.....unbelievable. Im convinced this is the greatest song ever made. A unforgettable epic spanning thirteen minutes, with a chorus that makes you feel like youre dreaming or floating or... something, man. Trimumphant yet melancholy, storied yet clear, this song has a effect I haven't seen since their song Siberian Divide.

Good Stuff | Reviewer: Metalhead4ever
    ------ About the song The Wolf Is Loose performed by Mastodon

This is a great song, this band seems to make alot of there songs on elemental which is what i love about them they do a great job in drumming as well and a good fast paced song that seems to never disapoint 9.3/10

YES and YES! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Oblivion performed by Mastodon

I agree with you, LoG is amazing as fuckin hell! they are my favorite band, and have been for a long time, and yet mastadon is so unique, its especially the vocals that seem to draw me in, the lead guitar, when he sings the chorus, is amazing!

The Megalodon | Reviewer: GraymatteR
    ------ About the song Megalodon performed by Mastodon

The lyrical meaning of this song is about the myth of the giant shark called "Megalodon" its supposed to be 67ft in length, it's a prehistoric shark, thats how kraken (for its size) and its sense for prey(how sharks can sense blood from long distances) relate to the lyrics in the song. Mastodon is by far my favorite band and always will be, they're one of the most progressive bands i've ever heard and the subject matter in their albums gets better and better by each album release. HAIL THE DON!

dude.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Megalodon performed by Mastodon

this song is great. Mastodons lyrics occasionally stray, but I'm sure they have meaning. Even when I don't understand it, the lyrics are mysterious and suited to the music in such a way that I have a musical orgy upon hearing them.

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