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Guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Ulli Kusch were with
the German melodic metal band Helloween until autumn 2001.
Jan S. Eckert used to be the bassist of Iron Savior from
Hamburg. Keyboarder Axel Mackenrott called attention as a
member of various cover bands such as "Catch The Rainbow"
(Rainbow cover band), "Machine Head" (Deep Purple cover
band) and with his own band "Punch TV". Vocalist Jorn Lande
has made a name for himself world-wide as frontman with Ark
and Jorn, among others. Together these five musicians make
up Masterplan, More...

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Please someone help me to correct the lyrics | Reviewer: Dokidoc
    ------ About the song Into The Arena performed by Masterplan

I did not find the correct lyrics on the web, there is a change in the second chorus but I don't have the original lyrics and I don't understand cleary everything, I decide to put the changes here, on my fav lyrics site hoping someone know them.

Go, we aim for the centre, explode
Gonna fight for our lives
Ho(rde?), into the (?), we go (glow?)
Till we fall out of time

Awesome song by the way!

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