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FORMED: April 29, 1970, New Orleans, LA

Master P in the heart of uptown New Orleans, Louisiana,
grew up in the third ward Calliope projects. After his
mother and father separated, his mother moved to Richmond,
California. Master P decided to stay in New Orleans and
travel frequently to California to spend time with his mom.
His mother agreed it was important for him to stay in
school in New Orleans and grow up with his father and his
family. Remaining in New Orleans, P and his brothers were
raised by their paternal grandmother. More...

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Review about Master P songs
maynne J'Red.. miss yu luvv..this song is sooo on point... | Reviewer: Valeerie Ann
    ------ About the song Crazy Bout Ya performed by Master P

maynne this is my favorite jamm.. its so REAL... artist always right un' realistic songs, well not always..but wut bout thee gurls who go thru it kuz they're in luv wit a THUG... JUST LUVV IT..

Claudia | Reviewer: Claudia
    ------ About the song Goodbye to my Homies performed by Master P

Rip Erikk Aka Shady.. This song was played in his funeral.. 1day he told his homies to play this song when he died & now hes gonee.. he got stabbed & died on Dec. 13, 2009.. it was the hardest thing that has ever happened i cant believe i lost a great friend i member all those good timess we talked & i always helped him.. but rest in peace..

R.i.P UNClE ESSiE 4Rm:R0NtE | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goodbye to my Homies performed by Master P


So sad | Reviewer: Joanna
    ------ About the song Goodbye to my Homies performed by Master P

This song is one of the saddest songs I ever hears. Lost somebody in the streets and it broke my heart. I can't do this anymore. Now I cry but it won't bring my nigga Tre D. back. I loved him to death but things do happen for a reason. He was the one that inspired me to sing and other stuff like that. And when I think of him I write his name in all my song lyrics. I don't know but when I heard this song. It was crazy. I thought that everything would be okay. This song is ill. They know what is real out there and what isn't. Yeah I do have my nigga on mostly all my black and blue t-shirts and it is kinda spooky when you look at them. R.I.P. Tre D (Trey Dean) 1990-2007. Love you baby boy. Judgement day will come and I will be right by your sdie. I keep selling that and making my money but without my partner by my side isn't the same. PCE out. 1luv. I love this song. Keep up the good work. Made me cry. I never got emotional like that before,

Amazing song | Reviewer: Kayla
    ------ About the song Crazy Bout Ya performed by Master P

Wow. This song just gives me chills.
It reminds me of this boy...

woke one morning | Reviewer: michael
    ------ About the song Thinkin Bout U performed by Master P

i was hoping you could help me in trying to find the remix to this song.i cant remember what dj mixed it ,but i was in albany NY when i heard it and now i cant seem to be able to find it thank you and i love your site it's the best i've seen for lyrics

something i wish i could do | Reviewer: Shuo Yang
    ------ About the song Make Em' Say Uhh! performed by Master P

i've heard that expression 'uhh!' many times. it sounds kinda dumb but to this song, i suppose it's not that bad. even i could say 'uhh!'

What I think | Reviewer: Rubi
    ------ About the song Goodbye to my Homies performed by Master P

I really like this song a lot. In this song he expresses his feelings about a loved one that recently passed away. I had the same thing happen to me. I say that he speaks not only for me, but for whoever lost a loved one. Because we all say the same thing he says in this song.

i want to order | Reviewer: connie
    ------ About the song Bounce That Azz performed by Master P

I have a son that is in prison that wants to order some of ur music, i have to look it up for him an then give him a 1-800- # to from prison,

whays up master p can you talk | Reviewer: robert damman
    ------ About the song How G's Ride performed by Master P

I just ran into this page so I don,t know how this go,s but if you read this, I Im your biggest fan, coming straight out of south west Detriot

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