Master P Albums

  • The Gift Album (12/10/2013)
    Lonely Road
    It's a Jungle Out Here
    You a Genius
    Two Three
    Change Ya Life
    Holding Back the Years
    You're the One
    Woke Up a Millionaire
    Let Me Find Out
    You Ain't Gotta Say Too Much
    Make It Do What It Do
    I Ain't Goin Let It Happen Twice
    You Need To Know
    I Need an Armored Truck
    God Forgive Us

  • Famous Again Album (8/6/2013)
    Heaven For A Gangsta
    You Need To Know
    You Can't See What I'm On
    Makes You Stronger
    Next Shooting Star
    Woke Up a Millionaire

  • Al Capone Album (1/16/2013)
    Brick To A Million
    Al Capone
    My Life
    Take a Ride
    It Don't Make No Sense
    How I Feel
    Friends With Benefits
    Gangstas Need Love Too
    No Limit To This Real Shit
    Scared Of Me
    We All We Got

  • Ghetto Bill Album (6/21/2005)
    Best Hustler
    I Ain't Play'n
    Let Me See It
    Shut It Down
    Feel Me
    I Need Dubs
    I'm Alright
    Shake What Ya Got
    Love Hate
    My Dogs
    Whole Hood
    I'm A Gangsta
    It's All Good
    Respect My Game
    Thug Chick
    Dope Man
    There They Go

  • Good Side, Bad Side Album (3/23/2004)
  • Gameface Album (12/18/2001)
  • Ghetto Postage Album (11/28/2000)
  • Only God Can Judge Me Album (10/26/1999)
  • Mp Da Last Don Album (6/2/1998)
  • Get Away Clean Album (3/10/1998)
  • Ghetto D Album (9/2/1997)
  • Ice Cream Man Album (4/1/1996)
  • 99 Ways To Die Album (4/1/1995)
  • Ghetto's Trying To Kill Me Album (7/15/1994)
  • Mama's Bad Boy Album (1/15/1993)

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    Reviews about Master P albums

    P MILLER 4 LIFE............... | Reviewer: DJ RUDDY
        ------ About the album Ghetto Bill performed by Master P

    MASTER P, Its old n new soldiers is everything i could ever think off, if it has to b gangsta or street rap however P is all it takes.

    4 ghetto bill album, P was extremely exceptional and ultimate.

    MATER P is great i luv dis bro wit all of my life..........

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