Massive Attack Lyrics

FORMED: 1987, Bristol, England

This Bristol trio has become one of the best trip-hop
groups ever, even possibly responsible for the trip-hop
genre, featuring the skills of Grant Marshall (aka Daddy
Gee), Robert del Naja (3D), and Andrew Vowles (Mushroom).
In 1988 they formed the creative core of Massive Attack.
Three years later in 1991 their debut album Blue Lines was
greeted with much acclaim. While 1994's album Protection
was even a greater artistic and commercial success (both
albums sold over a million units worldwide).

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Review about Massive Attack songs
Shame | Reviewer: Picture
    ------ About the song Dissolved girl performed by Massive Attack

This song is so deep, and believe most of us go through some of the deepest hidden message in this song - aWesomeness + to think that I'm african lol

memory | Reviewer: amanithis
    ------ About the song Live With Me performed by Massive Attack

wow, haven't listened to massive attack for a while... yeah, you can call me a fool ;-) and now i came across this track. amazing. brought back loads of memories. thank you.
love to all from Hungary

dark devil | Reviewer: fatma
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Massive Attack

This songs is like em in a world of dark.. wer all evils are wd me and em more powerful than nethng.. its make me feel that i have ma all which i have l lost?
inner peace in ds song

This group is Amazing! | Reviewer: Donna
    ------ About the song Live With Me performed by Massive Attack

My daughter (lived in New York and California) introduced me to this CD. I play it all the time! Now, mind you, I am a grandmother of 12, but I traveled Europe when I was younger and have had a different perspective about music here in the states ever since. My daughter keeps me on that same perspective! "Live with me" is one of those songs that encompasses all the emotions of Love, Passion and Hunger! Massive Attack is first on my list!

Dissident | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song I against I performed by Massive Attack

Better to die a free man than to live on your knees. In my mind that is exactly what this song is about. A fight for freedom and one of the best motivators in my world to stand tall and never back down. FREEDOM!

TerryCallierMassiveAttack. | Reviewer: lovemassiveattack
    ------ About the song Live With Me performed by Massive Attack

All of Massive Attacks music is deep and poignant. And they choose artists that match their music, and they are very clever in that way. Horace Andy is also brilliant in a lot of their songs. They are just a genius band. Also very sad to hear that Terry Callier passed away this year. A truly sad loss to the world. R.I.P

Conflict posing as intimacy | Reviewer: Mezzanine Heartache
    ------ About the song Small Time Shot Away performed by Massive Attack

As to Small Time Shot Away, it occupies a deep, excruciating part of me. I can only interpret the lyrics ephemerally, in what they make me feel and conjure. To me, the lyrics depict the intense bitterness of being in love with someone irreconcilable to you in every way, corrupting what should be love into something agonizing, where the only meeting ground between the two is through a haze of substance abuse, which only contributes to the raw, broken space between them even further.

How we treat life. | Reviewer: Cassie
    ------ About the song Splitting The Atom performed by Massive Attack

This song is clearly a commentary on not only the dropping of an atom bomb, but how we act like we care about human life but in actuality we care very little about it. It is the "joke" being referred to in the beginning.

The Splitting of the atom | Reviewer: Andrew Blanchet
    ------ About the song Splitting The Atom performed by Massive Attack

What I believe this song is referring to is the act of a nuclear bomb falling into a city, destroying everything in it's blast radius. Just the title "Splitting the atom" refers to how the nuclear bomb works.

title of review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Live With Me performed by Massive Attack

yes,the music is nice (instrumental) and the lyrics are great.

but we should all keep in mind that the reason this song is so touching is because is sang by terry callier. HE is the number 1 reason for this song's succes.

his jazz background (chicago,illinois) really helped him give life to those lyrics by the way he performs.

a white guy and not even a girl couldn't deliever such a profound feeling and such an interpretation.

(oh,and by the way,i'm from romania.just in case anyone wondered)

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