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Rapsody Mass Hysteria Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2013 07:09:06 AM

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It's Rapsody in the area
'Bout to cause mass hysteria
Turn your step, y'all, yeah
About to cause mass hysteria

Deduct riches, who better with pitches
The flow school motherfuck, wetter than dishes
Mama say if you marry, make sure he got figures
Daddy say be respectful, don't ever say 'nigga'
My nigga, there I go again breaking my promise
What is upon us now, my sheets and a Honda
Reciting my mantra, I should put mics in a condom
I'm coming for honest strings like the green in a condo
Oh, you conscious, brainstorming, best get you some ponchos
Ninth wonder, accomplish back, look what we accomplished
With little than nothing more than they thought we would conquer
We winning and did it all with no bitter dishonor
Purple hearts for all the wounded, I wounded Obama
Healthcare for the welfare, call it lyrical drama
Ink you, it's critical, they sick and they vomit
Put it forth like every day, we break it like Amish
Tradition, told niggas like mystery shows
All black in the face, did ever took shots of my race
Like mace in a mason jar, be hell if I break
Tears for all their fears, they hearts don't ache
Like the many females that drank Chappelle with ole Drake
And though seeing next day, it's my flow, similar fate
For these rappers I look over, I'm likely to eat
Peek in, looking, I'm still sleeping, word to Big J
Hey, I weigh my options like back of the mash pit
Pushing me with the quickness, I send them to hospice every day

About to cause mass hysteria
Coming through your area causing mass hysteria

Flow been a weapon like Erica, mama gun, 'bout to bury it
Po's out the window with the chariot, life in the capital under'
The letters, I read them, the 'i'-s and the 't'-s
Life is spotter and crossed, ain't no fear in my genes
'bank that, blank checks, see through the gold, get your rings
From publications, Caucasians, agents, business, oh, fuck it
Other half is amazing, we all try to make it, Felicia Rays in a razor
And the sun like brother big pawn, I'm not a player
Unless we lay up in the Caymans drinking something pinkish
Shots of Ciroc 'cause of how we rock, we bankers
Thinking sharper shanks they sank us out of the bankers
Embezzle style, they profile me like I'm blanking
Michael Junior, can't be seen and even touched
Money over loyalty will always leave you fucked
Her name Karma and she got drama, be acting up
Call it Broadway, I'm recording, I conduct hysteria

About to cause mass hysteria
I weigh my options like back of the mash pit
Pushing me with the quickness, I send them to hospice every day
About to cause mass hysteria

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