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Pastor Mason D. Betha is the founder and Pastor of S.A.N.E.
Church International in Atlanta, Georgia, where he resides
with his gracious and loving wife, Twyla Betha. With mercy
and truth bound around his neck and written on his heart,
he operates daily in a divine anointing to pastor a new
generation of souls, who many thought were lost eternally.
Moreover, his sincerity and passion for God ignites a fresh
fire in those who are saved, which produces a renewal of
their child-like faith and an immediate obedience to the More...

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Review about Mase songs
Mediocrities | Reviewer: Dr Mike
    ------ About the song Been Around The World performed by Mase

Mase and Puff daddy are a mediocrities. No match at all for Tupac. The only people in their crew I had regard for were Biggie and Lil Kim. Didn't even know what those two were doing with Bad Boys

Welcome Back | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Welcome Back performed by Mase

I love this song sooooo much!!! i can picture this song playing in the background as i walk into my school on the first day !!! =]

HEY | Reviewer: Ma$e
    ------ About the song Welcome Back performed by Mase


Wecome Back | Reviewer: Kevin Afable
    ------ About the song Welcome Back performed by Mase

Welcome back Ma$e! I love this song. It makes me happy and has good lyrics and a nice beat. It reminds of people who left me, but then came back and we got along again.

awesome | Reviewer: Natalie
    ------ About the song Breath Stretch Shake performed by Mase

this song is awesome it has a great beat! i have made up a million hip*hop dances to this song! it is great! good job MASE! luv ur top song

Interpretation of the lyrics and what they mean to Ma$e about himself | Reviewer: Bill
    ------ About the song Gotta Survive performed by Mase

- M doesn't regret the past, and suggests doing it your own way without caring what people think of you.
- some people are attracted to success but some of those people will dump you when you're down says the song
- Ma$e is saying he feels free about lies about him- hes going his own way and sees religion as a guide
- don't understand "salt like sodium" lyric
- he's expressing himself about what he believes in
- at one point he was 'loaded' and admits it
- he realised things that were going wrong for him and the realisation gave him a new direction
- he sees being down to earth as a path to be more happy
- hes saying hes got money but has struggled in his history with money
- hes saying making money's not all that important in the grand scheme of things
- hes saying hes 'real' and won't change from his stance
- hes suggesting we all look to God, survive, and we will make it if we try


great song- full of idealism
full of hope
full of strength of character

Its got good messages for us all

It sounds like it may be hard to stay rich and 'real' at the same time
But if anyone can do it this artist is making the right sounds about working towards that

- Jesus is his inspiration

sometimes I find it hard to understand M's lyrics- but this is my views- and this song is one of the clearest I've come across from M

i fall in love with you again | Reviewer: Dylan Cameron
    ------ About the song Love U So performed by Mase

baby i love you so much. i can not do anything with out you. when you are with me i wish u just kiss me and when your away from me i jst wish you where by my side.when you smile you light up the room and then i just fall in love with u i love you and its so true i wish you where here i do not care where you are just plz come see me and i will make you feel real good i will make it work and maybe we can just sit at home flirt.and when we do all of that i just whant you to no that i am falling in love with you again and maybe we can be together forever we can see each other as long as u whant because you and me baby are going to be to gether o a vary long time. i just hop that u will say i love u to me if we stay together for a vary long time cause i am falling in love with you again. i am falling in love with you again my baby girl.

the end

good to have you back man | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Welcome Back performed by Mase

Welcome back Ma$e! Great albumn, smooth sound, clean rap. No Crap. Love it!

dance beat | Reviewer: el mexicano
    ------ About the song Breath Stretch Shake performed by Mase

this song has a tight ass dance beat. iwas able to use this song in a hip-hop dance routine

Mase Welcome Back | Reviewer: Veronica
    ------ About the song Welcome Back performed by Mase

I thought this song was really annoying but it is really Ok. I guess?! Well I really like this song cause it reminds me of my boyfriend. thats all!! PeAcE OuT!

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