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I love the tone that's in your laugh
Gasping for an extra breath
Waiting for the time to pass
I believe in days ahead
Don't spend another night alone
Cross and wishing you were dead

Mary, you shouldn't let 'em make you mad
You hold the best you can
And Mary, after all the pain is gone
I'm always gonna live to be your man

I've had it easy now you see
When I'm down you're always there
Standing by to comfort me
Someday we'll go round the world
I'll make the journey so sublime
I know you're not a travellin' girl

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Mary, you shouldn't let 'em make you mad
You hold the best you can
And Mary, after all the pain is gone
I'm always gonna live to be your man

Cause I'd give everything I have
Forget all the things that bring me joy
If you could have one day
Pure and simple happiness
Until that moment comes
I'll be here where I've always been
I'm gonna be your friend
Until the day I die

Mary, you shouldn't let 'em make you mad
You hold the best you can
And Mary, after all the pain is gone
I'm always gonna live to be your man

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Morning | Reviewer: Emilse | 12/15/12

I have something special with someone...maybe I am Mary and that young boy is my man... Great song... I love Scissor Sisters, they sound great and their songs and style are really cool.

The only song that can make me cry | Reviewer: R | 11/2/10

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, and we promised to each other that no matter what we'll always be there for each other... And reading the lyrics for the song, and listening to it, it made me burst. I can't stop crying my lungs out, but somehow I know things will get better. This is my cathartic song.

The song Mary | Reviewer: Mary :P | 5/11/10

This song is beautiful, i love it. Especially that Mary is my name! When i listen to the song it sounds like the band is playing it just for me, but i know their not...
It makes me think that i shouldn't worry as much as i do and someone is out there for me!

Lizzy...I'm always gonna live to be your man...Oh shut it Danny :p | Reviewer: Lizzy | 5/26/08

Hehe this always reminds me of my gay best friend danny lol I love it so much, its supposed to be an emotional song but it always makes me giggle. We were standing on the high street and he told me he'd written me a song, all he'd done is replace the name Mary with Lizzy lol We both burst into fits of laughter. Amazing day. :)
I think that's what music should do, bring back memories good or bad. That's how music touches people. I love this song and I could never forget that day XD
Lizzy xxx

Beautiful and so sad | Reviewer: Catherine Peaco;ck | 9/29/07

I love this song, the lyrics are beautiful and it's a very haunting song. I cry my eyes out listening to it when I'm feeling emotional. I can really relate to the lyrics, i's like it was written for me! mary is so sad and disheartened with her life, just like me!When I think about who it was written about it makes it even more real. the song touches me more than any other song ever written.

beautiful | Reviewer: sofia | 9/8/07

this song is just beautiful,,, it makes me cry every time i listen to it, but at the same time, i start laughing,,
it´s just one of my favourite songs,,
and it touches my heart,,

incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/07

i dont think i can type the words to discribe how mind-blowingly beautiful this song is. its so delicate and just tells one of the most tragic stories i have ever heard in a song. r.i.p mary

just beautiful. | Reviewer: vicky | 7/8/07

no sooner had ia hear this song than i fell in love with it, the lirycs and the music are just perfect. i must say i'm not a big fan of scissor sisters, but this song has made me pay more attention to this group, and since then i've been listening to other songs by them, you know, and i've loved them! =) and maybe i disagree with some thoughts of the group, but i'm really into their music, you know, particullary this song, and i think it wolud be nice that it could me heard by more people, so they would be delighted with it, in fact, i've made my friends listen to it .. lol.. and they've loved it! =D

mary | Reviewer: shaun | 7/5/07

wow what an amazing song its a tune you can change the name to suit each individual listen to over and over again nice......... nice one scissor sisters best yet :)

Brilliant song | Reviewer: Faith | 3/31/07

My step mum's name was Mary but she commited suicied a few weeks ago because of depression.This was one of her favourite songs.

About "Mary" from OUT magazine... | Reviewer: scissors fan | 1/21/07

This brings a whole new light to the song... and a sad ending.
From OUT:
"Jake's best friend, Mary, for whom he wrote the song "Mary" passed away suddenly after complications from surgery. They'd met on a phone chat line when Jake was 15 and Mary was 21, bonding over a shared fascination with junk culture. "She looked out for me. I was somehow getting into gay bars, and she would drive an hour to wait in the parking lot until I was ready to go home." The two spoke on the phone every day until she died, but Mary never felt confident about their friendship. "She'd struggled with obesity for a long time and didn't understand why someone she thought was living 'a fabulous life' would want to be her friend. I wrote the song to reassure her." Her death was devastating to Jake as she is the first person he has ever lost.

marya | Reviewer: chrisa | 4/14/05

This song has inspired me since i first heard it. My ideal girl i guess, i can't wait to meet her, hope hope! They all make me mad too! Maybe it's a religous thing in me or maybe i've listened to Polly and Molly's Lips too much by nirvana. I'm sure kurt spoke of the scissor sisters before his death. Either way, a great reminder of why i'm here and what/who is outthere for me. Maryanne, if your bday is 16/12/77. It's you!

mary | Reviewer: sean byrne | 1/16/05

mary is a wonderful song.brillantly written,with a sound of 10cc's i'm not love along with great piano playing and haunting backing vocals.the scissor sisters have developed a wondrfully,beautifully song.simply the best song on their self-titled album its a song that will be remembered in years to come this is the best ballad i've heard in ages.

beautiful... | Reviewer: faye | 11/14/04

this song is simply beautiful...very elton john influenced I think! the lyrics are wonderful, they really speak to me at the moment, and every time i hear this song i have to stop what im doing and truly appreciate it's beauty.

truly. | Reviewer: stacey | 9/23/04

this truly is a meaingful song, it says 'love song' but in an unusual way. the lyrics are so original and the song is not a stereotypical love song. I love this song ad many others by scissor sisters. does anyone agree?

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