Mary Mary Lyrics

"Our aim is to make music that the entire world, every age
and nationality can relate to. We want people to be
encouraged and uplifted when they listen to our music."

A joy-filled testament to their personal faith, Incredible,
Mary Mary's follow-up to Thankful (the group's year 2000
Grammy award-winning RIAA platinum debut album on Columbia
Records) continues the duo's mission of making music that
includes and expands upon the ever-growing global gospel
audience. With a backdrop that includes infectious hip-hop
rhythms and More...

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Review about Mary Mary songs
His Angels sing over me | Reviewer: Angie
    ------ About the song Can't Give Up Now performed by Mary Mary

God has used this song to move me forward in a difficult journey in life. Through a year where I almost lost my life. I had a large brain tumor that had to be removed in an emergency surgery . One of children was deceived by an adult in my church,my husband almost lost his business. Right in the middle of these events The Lord sent many life like angels to encourage. One man in particular. He sang this song to mr in my office one day. Now I can't get the words out of my head. He sings over me in my sleep and on my steps! He didn't bring me this far to leave me here! I can't give up! Thank you! To God be the glory! This world is his platform to show His miracles and His Glory.

Nomini kele,,,,SA | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Can't Give Up Now performed by Mary Mary

This song just came the right time,,,ts been difficult to me the past daes,I just felt like nothin matters n ths life,but after I listend to it,and read its lyrics,life started to make sense,so now I knw this s not some kind of punshment,but the battle I must fight,so as to gain God'd victory,,,,am not a looser,,,,,thank you Mary MAry,i

Change will come ! | Reviewer: TimeForChange
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Mary Mary

when i hear this song it makes me want to turn my life around... despite my failures and my past and the people that put me down it keeps me going...thnx mary-im 13 as well bt this song is a big influence in my life thnx again

I absolutely love this song | Reviewer: pooh
    ------ About the song Can't Give Up Now performed by Mary Mary

This song is so very touching and meaningful. If you've truly been thru a storm or storms in yr life and you know it was nobody but God that brought you thru it, then this song should send chills through you.............Also I dont know who put the lyrics on this site but CLEARLY they need prayer for the last words that were printed in the song. I pray that God blesses you and has mercy on your soul. Now let the church say AMEN!!!!!!!!!

THank You | Reviewer: Angel
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Mary Mary

Thank you so much!This is exactly like i feel. I need to straighten my life up. I'm 13 and my life is a hot mess I pray that GOD!Please help me realy and truly be able to really change me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Mary | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Mary Mary

Mary u have talent. everytime i listen to ur music it fell like god touch me. ur the god in me it feels like the god is in me every time i listen to it.i love every music you pushlish. i am 9years old. when you and kirk franklin did thank you i love it that was my favorite song. i wish i will meet you one day. P.S keep making those good songs.

JESUS CHRIST | Reviewer: sherry
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Mary Mary

OH MARY,this is a blessing to ma soul, indeed he knows me!!!!!!!!!!!.he has been there, mary i love ur songs i wish i c'd get in touch with u one day u r one person i w'd love meet be4 i die.thjnx 4 using ur talent, ur reward awaits in the kingdom to come

God has smile on | Reviewer: Oni tunde
    ------ About the song God Has Smiled On Me performed by Mary Mary

It's morning i picked up the paper i read about tragedy is then that i realise that it could be oh oh.that could my mother or maybe even my big brother but it can be just like you kept me. Chorus- god has smile on me he be good to me.

alleluia! | Reviewer: LAETI
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Mary Mary

Oh!Blessed be the Name of The Most High!!!!
Oh this song is such a blessing for me EACH time I listen to it!!!it's really anointed. ThankU Dad for talking to me through the voices of Mary Mary!!1 What a beautiful way to recceive a message from my Daddy and my Big Brother Jesus! alleluia!!

teshara's result | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Shackles (Praise You) performed by Mary Mary

i thing the song is great i really like it can you make up more songs like that.i hope i would be like you when i grow up i am 11 years old and i can sing very good my mom and dad can not sing

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