Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Lyrics

Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen, also famously known as
the Olsen Twins, were born on June 13, 1986 in Sherman
Oaks, part of San Fernando Valley in California, to proud
parents Jarnette (Jarnie) and David Olsen. They have lived
in Sherman Oaks a large part of their lives. They moved to
a new home in a gated community south of San Fernando
Valley around the end of 1998. Most people think they are
identical twins because they shared such similar
resemblence to each other, but little did they know that
they are in fact actually More...

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Review about Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen songs
Don't forget the Pizzas | Reviewer: Bill Nye
    ------ About the song Gimme Pizza performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

I think that if you don't like this song then you have no taste in music. You should get your ears check then play this song until you have memorized the lyrics and it is your favourite song.

Sharon Batts. Not the olsens. | Reviewer: Misty
    ------ About the song Dear Mr Jesus performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

The song is by Sharron Batts. Mary-Kate and Ashley were infants, (if they were even born yet) when this song came out in 1986. Smh. Infants don't sings this good. I don't care how talented the olsens are.

Orphan girl situation | Reviewer: Camille87
    ------ About the song Dear Mr Jesus performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

i've been sexually abuse at the age of 6 and i never dare to tell my parents until now. I thought what my YAYA did to me is normal. She is a lesbian and she keeps doing that thing and when i grew up i discover that she sexually molested me.... until today i keep it a habit.. and i hate it... i naver dare to tell my adpoted parents for what she did to me..

Abuse of anyone | Reviewer: Rhonda
    ------ About the song Dear Mr Jesus performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

The Abuse of anyone is a very sad thing in this world. Child Abuse U know all too well as I am a person who faced this at very young age by a step dad.
I went though molestation starting at the age of 5.
From there on and at the age of 13 I was raped and gang raped.
I too faced alot of mental and emotional abuse and physical abuse by several throughout my life.

This song, Dear Mr. Jesus is so sad and I believe the child did a really good job on it..Not happy that it was one about abuse..

I pray others will hear this song and quit the abuse. It destroys a person for possibly life. It is something a person never gets completely over. There is always something that will pop up to remind the person that was abused.Also they go on to have PTSD.
It was only by the grace of God I learned to let Him take that pain away from me because it was destroying me.
God loves us all and God doesn't want us to have to face this, but if we do face it, God will help us to get through it.
God Bless
God Bless

Agree to samantha | Reviewer: Sharon
    ------ About the song Dear Mr Jesus performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

I 100% agree to samantha..we are called God's children in the Bible. And to the guy who called himself jesus, u think calling urself jesus is not a sin but calling ourselves his children is a sin? R u nuts?? And by the way, first understand that christianity is not just a religion but also a way of life. And islam is not the religion of jews and christians. No one can enter heaven by turning to other religions like jobless people! People like u are least stable and just like samantha said u should go hide somewhere in a cave instead of making others sick with ur stupid talks!

To the guy up top that called himself Jesus.... | Reviewer: Samantha
    ------ About the song Dear Mr Jesus performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Jesus doesnt have a computer in heaven so you can post things on the internet, just so you know. And yes we are all of gods children because thats what he calls us in the bible. Why dont you follow your islamic religon and go live in a cave somewhere. People like you make me sick. A song like this is amazing especially because a six year old boy wrote it!!!!

    ------ About the song Gimme Pizza performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

this song is soo catchy! i first heard it in =3 in slow motion. theen, i heard it fast.. and now i can't stop singing! still, its really creepy:P but i lol:D the lines are so wierd! like TOSS THE FISH, LET IT FLY! and WHIPPED CREAM POURING LIKE WATERFALLS hahahah

Accidelight | Reviewer: Elijah
    ------ About the song Uh-Oh Accident performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Actually, it was singing by Tom Chapin and included in his "Family Tree" album (1988).
Mary-Kate and Ashley sang this song 4 years later.
Lyrics was made by John Forster - the songwriter, who loves play with the words.
I think, this is a nice children song, especially I like chorus and suitable reggae music.

YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN THE HISTORY OF FANS!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Makayla seaborn
    ------ About the song Silent Night performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

ahhhhhhhh! i love the character you guys play on full house Michelle! she is so cute, like on that baseball episode, when michelle said just doing my job when she gave stephanie the blue bat because she said it was cuter! And when she says u got it dude! I just think the character Michelle is the cutest little girl in the show! i luv michelle! YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE! MAKAYLA

I am jesus and I love olsen | Reviewer: Jesus
    ------ About the song Dear Mr Jesus performed by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Dear Marry Kate and Ashely, I do not have any children. I am not his son. I am his man and a follower of the right religon. My religon Islam is the religon of christians and jews. I was once born as a Jew. Again I am born as a muslim. Christianity is my religon but i was never born with the relgion. I was always born with the love of God. I will keep running myself towards his light. Islam is the answer to heaven. If you are a christian then (1)properply follow your religion (2) Believe in the end times and judgement day (3) Oneness of God is very Important. I am not a God or not a son of God. It is a sin and it is like curseing God when you say I am his Child or you are his child. It is not possible God is not human and he is not compareable to human becuase God is the Most High and the most respected. If you disrespect him then you disrespect me. So follow the right religon first and then I will be able to help you.

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