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Marshall Crenshaw Mary Jean Lyrics

Last updated: 11/14/2001 10:33:57 PM

(M. Crenshaw)

She came into my life like a bombshell
One look and I fell for little Mary Jean
She walked cool with her head always held high
The glow in her eyes made her look like a queen
a little queen, Mary Jean
She took a hold of my heart and held me under a spell
I guess she knew me real well
Just why we hung together through all those tears
I couldn't tell you now in a million years
I didn't think that the cause of my downfall
would be pretty and small like little Mary Jean
And I couldn't know when I held her that first night
(feeling ever so right) that one day it would end
in a scene. Mary Jean
Now she's gone yes she's gone and I think I'll be alright
but then the phone rings at night
She's on the line again and it's just no fun
We've got a bad connection, Mary I've gotta run
Hey now I just had to tell her to go away
It's so unexciting around here today
I'm standing here looking down at my shoes
with a case of the blues over little Mary Jean
She was so pretty and small
She was the cause of my downfall
We used to fuss and fight
and I dream about her every single night