Mary J. Blige Lyrics

Over the years and through the tears, Mary J. Blige has
been more than just the finest and fullest practitioner of
modern R&B. She is the woman who voices what we can only
feel. Through her music, Mary acts as both sister confessor
and conduit to real emotions and hard fought hurts.

Once again, as she has done in the past Mary has been
looking into the mirror of her soul and putting into
measured words the truths she has seen in her reflection.
"I have learned something," Mary offers, her tone a
wondrous blend of amazement and More...

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Review about Mary J. Blige songs
yep | Reviewer: man
    ------ About the song No More Drama performed by Mary J. Blige

Shame for De Vorzon, Barry / Botkin, Perry / Lewis, Terry / Harris Iii, James Samuel / Edwards, Bernard / Rodgers, Nile Gregory.
Man, who played with his mind 2002 04-05 Netherlands.

Great song M.J... | Reviewer: Rumbie candy.....
    ------ About the song Everything performed by Mary J. Blige

M.J u rock my world gal, ths song s ril soul. Reminds m of my bby luv. Alexx u gimme reason 2 live, u complete me. Evry 9t i pray u neva go away. U r my everythn, i love u hun til the end of tym.........

dissapointment | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song No More Drama performed by Mary J. Blige

I have been through a lot ,addiction,pains,heartbreak,when I listen to your song,,I told my self,,dude u gat to move on,No more Drama,thanks Mary j, u are not a gospel artist but ur song send HOME something touching

The Boss (MJB), there's only one! Has spoken and she would like me to dance for her. | Reviewer: SJD
    ------ About the song No More Drama performed by Mary J. Blige

You have heard it all before. Others with tales of your words, being your life, but also that of others. You have a gift for connecting with people. Your control tower is in another hemisphere. I personally do not think that you are human. It's ok, I'm not your number one fan! I live in Sydney Australia. Missed you twice. I'm in the mist of the evolution process. Most don't get it. The words in your music gives me that extra kick to get on top of bullies who think their all that. Your all that and more. Over time all will come to realise that your the hottest saint living amounts us. You couldn't fake it if you tried. Nothing compares or comes close. Very interesting that your name doesn't appear in "BEAF". Kind of figure everybody know who the Boss is and leaves it the fuck be! I give you my respect. You speak for yourself but you are with the people. You have touched my heart. My priority is to see you in concert, front row, with adequate room to get down old schools style, in New York. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to adhere to your request and dance for you. I do have to bring to your attention that I'm one of those, "fist on the floor, last on the floor". I am a Registered Nurse. 37 years of age, single, gay - not looking and not interested unless they make an effort to get out of bed, make a living and don't eye other peoples shit, especially my shit, cause it's mine and I own it! You are in a class of your own! I live for my mother, She is my favourite person in the hole world. I make jewellery, don't sell it, choose how wears it. I will bring you a necklace when I come to see you in concert, in New York. The stones are real and earthy, very much into Earthing! I have the means to make this happen. I choose to be a winner. I thank you for bringing this to my attention. The face which you have created and continues to evolve, "fencing hot girl, talk about the whole package or what". I don't have a television, microwave, fridge, face book, twitter or an iPhone. Borne and raised in the Seychelle Island. I always get what I like or would like.

TOP TUNE | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Family Affair performed by Mary J. Blige

This is a bangin tune!!!!gets u really in the mood!cnt understand what most people sing in songs these days!and so what if there's a bit of slang in it????crackin tune n artist!!!!she's got loadsa money n hits with a top voice so she's doin something right lol!!!!!kp doin ya thing M.J.Bxx

so magical | Reviewer: nina
    ------ About the song No More Drama performed by Mary J. Blige

it's verry sad and hurt song for me cause it's all about my life and i think that boys don't knwo that every they do is effecting people around them and they think that love is a game but what they don't know they hurt innocent girls like me...

wow this was my life | Reviewer: jewel
    ------ About the song No More Drama performed by Mary J. Blige

Wow this was my life all of what she has said. Thanks Mary J. Blige. Your # 1. What would I do. I did got burn by friend We gotta know how are our friends are like. But now i know what to do. I got burned the next year l8r. thank you mary. thank you!

WOW | Reviewer: jewel
    ------ About the song No More Drama performed by Mary J. Blige

Thiz song was all about my life. I never knew how my friends we're until the 4th year. Now that I am not in that home town anymore I am streaa free. I started to cut myself but no one seemed to care until one day my mom found out. She said that we are going to move and their going to me no more. Thaxk mary you helped my through life.

this song's an inspiration | Reviewer: eSther
    ------ About the song No More Drama performed by Mary J. Blige

Mary your lyrics are so powerful and real..i identify myself in each of ur tracks...I was in love with a guy and he took me for granted each time. I kept forgiving him as i was blind.But i realized i'm not going to be the vulnerable one again. I will stand up and live my life.

tough love | Reviewer: JayB
    ------ About the song Stronger performed by Mary J. Blige

I just love your songz MJB,this one in particular,it reminds me of someone who i so much love,someone id go through any tough hurdle out there for,unfortunately she don't feel the same way bt stil,she's my love...i wish we was stronger together..m stil hopin dear pm

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