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Serena Ryder Mary Go Round Lyrics

Last updated: 01/11/2013 07:32:02 AM

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Have you ever fallen
Have you ever hit the ground
Have you ever laid there
Have you ever just stayed down
Have you ever looked up
And laughed at the big blue sky
Have you ever wondered
Have you ever wondered why
You don’t need to hide

Sing along
Sun down
Mary go round
Too young
To leave this town
Playing your song
Feel's good
Singing along
(so sing along)
What could go wrong

What about midnight
What about you disappears
What about your story
What about your fairy tales
What about the secrets
You don't need to keep inside
What about the reasons
What about the reasons why
You don't need to hide


Gimme gimme you want you want you got you got you got it

[Chorus ]

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