Mary Chapin Carpenter Lyrics

By capturing in song moments from life and presenting them
in a way that makes them universal, Mary Chapin Carpenter
has ascended to the heights of popularity in country music.
An Ivy League graduate who refuses to don the customary
country-and western attire, Carpenter may be an unlikely
candidate for queen of country, but with her five
critically acclaimed, genre-blurring albums and several hit
singles, she has picked up five Grammy awards, two best
female vocalist awards from the Country Music Association,
and a best female More...

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Review about Mary Chapin Carpenter songs
Lovely, lyrical... | Reviewer: Joseph B.
    ------ About the song 10,000 Miles performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

I am an unabashed fan of the movie FLY AWAY HOME and this song, playing in the opening and closing moments of the film, has stuck with me, so wonderfully lyrical and soft. Beautiful song.

Takes my breath away... | Reviewer: Stephanie
    ------ About the song 10,000 Miles performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

This song moves me beyond words. I had a parrot that meant the world to me, and he died abruptly and prematurely. The lyrics in this song bring me to tears each time I hear it because I envision him flying 10,000 away to a new level of conciousness. If I had a friend...on this earth...HE WAS A FRIEND TO ME! I wish he would come back...and stay a while with me. RIP guardian angel bird on my shoulder.

Such a good song... | Reviewer: Bre
    ------ About the song 10,000 Miles performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

I was 10 when Fly Away Home came out and my mom took me to see it and it became one of our favorites. 2 years later she got diagnosed with stage 4 terminal breast cancer and this song had always been so special to us that it got a whole new meaning in her last few months... Being as the song was played during the very first scenes of the movie where they are showing the car wreck Anna loses her mom in... My mom has been gone for going on 14 years now and to this day, when I want to feel close to her I listen to this song <3

This is a great song! | Reviewer: Kimblery Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
    ------ About the song Why Walk When You Can Fly performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

In this world there's a whole lotta trouble...Why walk when you can fly? - In memory of Schroeder from the Peanuts Cartoon Strip, 'little bird' (a small sparrow that always finds us and then leaves) and other 'little birds' who keep trying to fly but are hit by flying stones, tomatoes, and debris all of their lives. :)

My favourite song <3 | Reviewer: Sana
    ------ About the song 10,000 Miles performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite song. And Fly Away Home is one of my favourite movies, that takes me back to my childhood. It's not possible for me to listen to the song without crying (and I'm getting all teary-eyed right now just looking at the lyrics).
When I found out that the song was an old English ballad written by a soldier for his wife, when he was going to war - it just meant so much more. The lyrics are beautiful, the piano music in the background is heavenly, and Mary Carpenter's voice is just something else.
Love this song!

Remembering the Forties | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Am A Town performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Whoever wrote these lyrics had to remember being a small person with his or her nose pressed against the car window taking in a whole new world - just like me. I saw it all, and remember it all in just that way: from the Pabst Blue Ribbon to the jacked-up never-to-run-again trucks. Like Mary, I "kept all these things in my heart and have pondered over them" many times Thank you to Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Correction and appreciation | Reviewer: Anita_Kenya
    ------ About the song This Shirt performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

There's an error in the wordings from the song as compared to the currently published ones. Verse4 line 1&3: "This shirt IS the one I lent you,... IT HAD a rip inside the sleeve."
I've loved this song since I was 15, 10yrs and counting. Thanx for the lyrics.

still sounding in my soul | Reviewer: ozkar
    ------ About the song 10,000 Miles performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

many of us have traveled 10000 miles... I mean in many many ways.. ups and downs.. wins, loses, happiness,sadness, this song touches my heart and makes me think about our real home, small things in life we don't love.. I just sit myself watch the movie and listen to this heavenly message... it brings peace... I am not bigger than the next man... I really pray for blessings over you... 10000 miles... keep your head up!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Hailey
    ------ About the song Only A Dream performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

I have loved this song since I was five years old and sitting in the backseat of our old green van, listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter on the tape deck and crying my eyes out. Even at such a young age I understood the depth of this song, and cried every time I would listen to it. My big sister is the most important person in my world and listening to "Only a Dream" always would remind me of that. What a touching, beautiful, well-written piece of art. What a singer!

Gets Me All Jazzed Up | Reviewer: Gary Turnbeau
    ------ About the song Down At The Twist And Shout performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Maybe I was a Cajun in a previous life but every time I hear this song, I have to turn the volume up and sing along (at least the words I know). There's something about the music coming from a squeezebox mixed together with some muddled French that pairs together so well. Mary Chapin Carpenter was born to sing this song. It's #4 on my personal list of favorite songs.

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