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George Harrison Marwa Blues Lyrics

Last updated: 04/06/2011 11:00:00 AM


George Harrison: slide guitar, teclas e "finger cymbals"
Jeff Lynne: guitarra acústica e teclas
Ray Cooper: percussão
Dhani harrison: guitarra acústica cordas arranjadas e conduzidas por Marc Mann

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... | Reviewer: Zadie | 4/6/11

This song is my favorite off the album "Brainwashed" and the first time I heard it, well, it was hard to believe it was George. It has this sort of sleepy/sad sort of sound, and it could make me cry, along with "Never Get Over You", but it doesn't. It is just one of those songs you listen to and it puts you in your happy place.

marwa blues | Reviewer: mavis | 4/15/06

this song is sooo wonderful , you cant help but get swept away by it. i could cry every time i hear it

dreamy delight | Reviewer: Amy | 12/13/05

Marwa Blues is one of my favorites, I can lose myself in this wonderful instrumental. The slide guitar is a dreamy delight.