Marvin Gaye Lyrics

----David Ritz

(text ripped from the booklet of the CD "The Very Best Of
Marvin Gaye", the pictures are from the box "Marvin Gaye -
the Master 1961 - 1984")

Marvin Gaye's extraordinary career matched his
extraordinary life, a mixture of blessings and banes,
dazzling success and inscrutable pain. His biography and
discography are twin reflections of the same dualty: the
artistic and personal struggle to heal the split between
head and heart, flesh and spirit, ego and God. Meanwhile,
the music lives on for the pleasures of its beauty More...

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Review about Marvin Gaye songs
A simple but timeless love song | Reviewer: missm
    ------ About the song You're a Special Part of Me performed by Marvin Gaye

Ever since I first heard this song in 1973 it has been the soundtrack to the 3 great loves of my life.

The lyrics are stellar in their simplicity. The orchestration swoopes and soars around the lyrics in the most perfect way.

A time for peace | Reviewer: Jet Navarrette
    ------ About the song What's Going On performed by Marvin Gaye

As I sit here, I wonder if you're still a friend mine?
Marvin's music has touched so many people from so many generations. I spoke with a guy at a party and we were discussing music, he told me that while he was in Viet Nam he would listen to What's going on when he got out of the mud. It gave him hope that just maybe people back home were tired of all the horrible problems around the world and just take care of their own, well here it is 40 years later and we still face the same tragedies that were happening then. His music has touched me in ways I can't explain. His words still remain in my soul, he was years ahead of his time. His untimely death was a tragedy for all mam kind. Who knows he may have come up with the insight and vision that if we only listened to, may have changed our lives, for the betterment. I know he is a friend of mine. I know he sees us, he hears us. When are we going to really move forward and love one another. Peace brother Marvin, peace to all my brothers. Jet...

The greatest | Reviewer: jmb
    ------ About the song I Want You performed by Marvin Gaye

This song stirs so much from the soul u think it is just another groovy love song but it is really a raw emotion all on its own that commands a resonsponse in the form movement many songs can make u move thos on ome of those rare gems that makes u wanna live...

Deep lyrics | Reviewer: Roger James
    ------ About the song When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I... performed by Marvin Gaye

One of the more mature lyrics to a broken relationship that I've ever heard. Marvin takes a blame along with the wife. Its generally true that both played a role in getting together and breaking up. Its a sad thing that as much as you love someone at the end it wasn't meant to be but also to not hold any grudges and hopefully go their separate ways peacefully

It Ain't That Peculiar | Reviewer: Grace Balllinger
    ------ About the song Ain't That Peculiar performed by Marvin Gaye

Simple stated, I've loved this song since I heard it in 1965. I'm not impressed when people claim to be Marvin Gaye fans, and they never mention this song. I'll be doggone if it makes any sense to me.

R&B music for the Soul | Reviewer: PAULA COLANDER
    ------ About the song Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) performed by Marvin Gaye

When Marvin was with Motown it might not have been the bestof everything, but the Music was undeniably timeless, those artist sang their material so effortlessly ; i can just imagine Marvin laying flat on his back singing as it has been reported he did with such swagg!

I Grew up in Detroit not far from where Motown was, and it was exciting then and still is now with the memories!!!!!!!!
BUT, in the words of the Mighty, Mighty O'Jays "I LOVE MUSIC"

Brilliant | Reviewer: Jan
    ------ About the song Just to Keep You Satisfied performed by Marvin Gaye

I love this song, it's my favourite on the "Lets get it on" album and the final track, it's obviously about a break-up but Marvin captures the emotion beautifully, you can feel that he loved her but they couldn't stay together,
great song, still love your music Marvin x

It Takes Two | Reviewer: John Lazenby
    ------ About the song It Takes Two performed by Marvin Gaye

I am currently rehearsing this song and many other Motown and early Soul and R&B songs for a set that I am singing at a charity event in May. Not my usual style. I usually sing Swing and Jazz at weddings and corporate functions but I will be adding this and the others to my sets going forward. Great song.

Lovely song, how partnership should look like | Reviewer: Africano
    ------ About the song Sexual Healing performed by Marvin Gaye

Oh man this song is great & should be listened to instead of what is widely published ..
Marvin Gaye is a great singer & the song is great lyric & music as well , I recommend it for all ages specially the youth who know how partnership should look like ..

Stolen Lyrics | Reviewer: Jan Wiley
    ------ About the song Anger performed by Marvin Gaye

Some of the lyrics for this song were taken from my Great Grandfathers poem Anger - Published in 1945 in the Victory Anthology of Verse by Crown Publications. George W. Swarberg! What a cheat

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