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Who are The Marvelous 3????? How have they come become
Marvelous 3??? Here's the story... "butch" plays guitar and
sings pretty good. He writes kool songs. "slug" is a good
drummer. Jayce is a Good bass player. They know each other
very well. They grew up together. Voted the "best rock
band", and "hardest working band" by the Atlanta local
music awards, two years in a Row, and called the buzzband
of the 1998 sxsw/ascap showcase, the marvelous 3 are
playing to an established Legion of fans around the country
right now, bringing their More...

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Reviews about Marvelous 3 songs

Marvelous 3 | Reviewer: Cameron
    ------ About the song Freak Of The Week performed by Marvelous 3

Amazing song! It's too bad more people don't know who Marvelous 3 and Butch Walker are. He produces and sometimes writes songs for many of these phony pop artists, yet gets little to moderate commercial recognition for the amazing work he does with his own songs and band(s)

Good song, but the lyrics are wrong.. | Reviewer: Sabrina
    ------ About the song Cold As Hell performed by Marvelous 3

...well it says " I guess I should wait awhile "
but correctly it´s "I guess I CAN wait awhile.."

just change the "should"´s into "CAN"´s :)

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