Martina Topley-Bird Lyrics

Quixotic: Soul On Ice

"I liked the word Quixotic and after I'd put it forward as
a title I discovered it had many meanings" says Martina
'and one that made sense with regard to the making of this
album is that it's a journey (sparked by idealism) and
accidental discoveries along the way are explored out of
intrigue and curiosity.

It's flawed. It's exposed. One definition of Quixotic is:
idealistic to the point of impracticality. "The album
represents my past present and future."

Produced and mixed throughout 2002, Quixotic reveals More...

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Reviews about Martina Topley-Bird songs

    ------ About the song Ilya performed by Martina Topley-Bird

This song is quite beautiful. I'm not a big fan on love songs... or I should say those tacky Poppy love songs on the radio over and over again. In this case songs as this one are beautifully sang by artist with talent and a different sound, plus a memorable sound, like this one.

Martina Topley-Bird ........... IS COMPLETELY THAT, as is Bjork and Tricky.
Very different sounds compared to the average or mainstream boredom.

This is a song to have a listen at.

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