Martina McBride Lyrics

BORN: July 29, 1966, Sharon, KS

The breathtaking soprano of Martina McBride is one of the
greatest vocal instruments in contemporary popular music.
That she applies it to songs of uncommon integrity makes
its impact all the more thrilling. The proof is presented
on her landmark Greatest Hits collection. This super-sized
serving of music offers 13 of the performances that have
made her one of the most cherished artists in country
music, revives one of her favorite prior album tracks and
offers four new recordings that place her at the More...

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Review about Martina McBride songs
Josh Gossett | Reviewer: kimbely Atoigue
    ------ About the song My Valentine performed by Martina McBride

I have a boyfriend his name is josh Gossett I love him thank you
for nythink me and him I love this song my bye heartand him
thank you and I love it and oh yeah this his girlfriend
Kimberly Atoigue I love your this song my bye valentine u are my

The Sky just opened! | Reviewer: Kensky Iceland
    ------ About the song My Valentine performed by Martina McBride

Sometimes i wondered if you will ever come my way, and now that i have found you, this is where my heart will stay as we move our hearts to greater heights as we are gonna share our lives together for you make me feel like there is nothing i can't do, and i guesss i have finally realized there is nothing better like loving you. You are so lovely my love, Shamsky....This is the day i fell in love with you, just a week from my birthday. For eternity, for all that we have been told over the ages, its our lives...and I wish you a great valentine's evening my love..Happy 2014 Valentine's day.

Great song | Reviewer: Melodia
    ------ About the song There You Are performed by Martina McBride

I love this song! People watch over my life and my health with my parents. I appreciate that when I'm safe people are working hard to make sure of it and I thank Jehovah God for good people. I love Martina McBride's songs! I think my mom Ariel loves her songs too!

To my one and only Florence | Reviewer: Emma Mambuse
    ------ About the song My Valentine performed by Martina McBride

I used to search for such a wonderful woman for me to sing for her this song and God finally heard me and gave me her. The valentine's day is incidentally her birthday again. It's always so romantic singing for her especially when we're making up. Florence I love you so much.

How my daughter saved me | Reviewer: Tina Autry
    ------ About the song In My Daughter's Eyes performed by Martina McBride

I love this song and think of me and my daughter everytime I hear it and know I'll always be with her if not in person in spirit and how she changed my life from bad to good and know that she'll grow up and move onto her own life and remember who I am.

Another thought... | Reviewer: DJ1950
    ------ About the song Independence Day performed by Martina McBride

I think the song is about a mother who is being abused by her alcoholic husband. Their child, a girl of 8 years, leaves the house to escape the tension by going to the Fourth of July fair. When she returns home, the house is on fire. BOTH parents die! It is the mother's Independence Day--free of the abuse. As for the lline "Let the weak be strong; let the guilty pay" refers to the weaker mother who is her husband's punching bag and the guilty pay...well, dad dies and so does mom! They both pay in the end. Unfortunately, the child ends up in the orphanage and she lives her life in the shadow of her father's abuse. What a tragedy!

heartbreakingly beautiful song | Reviewer: Linda
    ------ About the song In My Daughter's Eyes performed by Martina McBride

Heard this song for the first time when I went to see a show in which the female performer describes the pain of losing her beloved mum from cancer. I was with my own daughter and we both unashamedly sobbed. As a previous reviewer has said it describes our relationship to a tee. The song could be written expressly for her. She IS the light of my life and one that keeps me going when life is tough. She will be leaving to go to university soon and I know that my heart will break when she does. I hope I have been a good enough mum to prepare her for life. She is in no doubt that I love her more than life. Thank you for being my daughter.

My beautiful Daughter, Dina | Reviewer: Sandra King
    ------ About the song In My Daughter's Eyes performed by Martina McBride

I dedicated this song to my beautiful Daughter , Dina..........she defininitely is "My Hero" and everthing that I would like to be. She is getting married this month and I so wanted this song to be one of the ones played at the reception, so everyone would know how much she means to me. She is the ray of sunshine in my life, and I love her more than she will ever know, but this song describes my feelings to a "T" I hope when I die, that she will always feel me around her and smile when she does.

love struck | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Anyway performed by Martina McBride

I just really love this song because when it says u can love someone with all your heart for all the right reasons and in a moment they can choose to walk away love 'em anyway. this is something that im going through but im making it

Anyway.....Martina McBride | Reviewer: dmills241
    ------ About the song Anyway performed by Martina McBride

I absolutely love this song because it speaks the truth. Life doesn't always turn out how we expect but we should do the things we love and that make us ourselves anyway. I had a very good friend that used to tell me that I look a bit like her....:)

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