Mars Volta Lyrics

The Mars Volta is:
[Cedric Bixler Zavala] - Vocals
[Omar Alfredo Rodriguez-Lopez] - Guitar
[Jon Philip Theodore] - Drums
[Juan Alderete] - Bass
[Isaiah Ikey Owens] - Keyboards

It started in the summer of 2001. [Cedric Bixler's] and
[Omar Rodriguez's] (both from At the Drive-In) fame had
been playing in their dub band De Facto with [Ikey Owens]
and [Jeremy Ward]. They had been playing for years, but
after ATDI split up, De Facto teamed up with drummer [Jon
Theodore] (Golden) and bassist [Eva Gardner] to start The
Mars Volta.

They went More...

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Review about Mars Volta songs
I hope some read this | Reviewer: a Huge fan
    ------ About the song Televators performed by Mars Volta

I know that the lyrics of the song are confusing sometimes of the reasons is that is ritten in different languages.
For example: Fragments of sobriquets (sobriquets is Catalan and means nicknames)
also: Auto-da-fé (is Portuguese it means Self faith)
When you change this words...the song takes a different meaning.
There´s still alot of thing that me myself doesn't understand...i hope this help to all the fans of Mars Volta cuz i´m one too

lyrics | Reviewer: TheDylanZizzo
    ------ About the song Roulette Dares (This is the Haunt) performed by Mars Volta

i'm sure there is meaning to Cedric, even if the lyrics are complete nonsense. I am heavily influenced by this band, and being the singer and writer in an alt. prog. (insert genre here) band, I write alot of nonsense, but it still makes sense in many different contexts, not just the physical words but how i choose which words to use or put together. even The Melvins' lyrics have some sort of correlation to them.

Understanding The Mars Volta | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cicatriz ESP performed by Mars Volta

What the hell are you talking about, yes there is meaning to the lyrics, do you even know the story of the album? I mean yeah its a really insane abstract drug fulled meaning that 99.99% of people will never understand, but Cedric wasn't just writing nonsense with these songs

The Widow | Reviewer: David Geib
    ------ About the song The Widow performed by Mars Volta

Wonderful song. Love the different interpretations of the song as well. Doesn't matter what the true meaning is really everyone is going to find a different meaning in the words and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, personaly, I love everything about this song and can't imagine why anyone would want to hate on it for one second as long as the song impacts your life positively it doesn't matter how it's interpreted and that's all that matters in my mind.

totally different... | Reviewer: ckmuse
    ------ About the song The Widow performed by Mars Volta

I'm not sure about the back story for the song as previously discussed, but my immediate impression of the song is that is is about an addicted borderline schizophrenic person. The song seems to suggest that the subject smokes a lot of "something"..I.E. some sort of drug and the lyrics suggest to me that there is a small part of the original person left calling out for help through the suppression of an addiction/ personality disorder. Look at how they flock to alter ego. I can see the things happening but its not really me..I'll never sleep alone because there will always be more than one person in my head..

Tetragrammaton Lyrics | Reviewer: Jason Flores
    ------ About the song Tetragrammaton performed by Mars Volta

Grew up with At-the-Drive-In in El Paso, TX...

Listen to TETRA all the time for two main reasons:

A: It conveys a spiritual message to those who have ears and who can paint the sound of their imagination.

B: It's the Genesis of what's next after we wash away the made up Devil the Romans left scarred on the Catholic ( means Universal) Church! So when he says....

" Give me a moment, To clean what you've stole
The streets will hang high, Stretch ribs and let taste
We'll cover the smell with silver nitrate
Mending the cuts of your prosthetic faith

Glossolalia coats my skin
Glycerin and the turbulence
Stuffed the voice inside of God
Mirrors to the animals..."

It's a prediction of how wonderfully awesome it will be when WE reclaim what has prevented our spiritual progression from unfaithful stewards that hold the keys to our future. It also caters to a widow's cry having been witness to the whole atrocity of men controlling the state of religion. You take the Roman out of the Catholic Church and you get a Catholic (Universal) Church that was meant to be.
As the guitar crescendos in a violent cry of REVOLTl!! (CHORUS BEGINS!)

I've read about The Gnostics, The Essenes, The Lost Years of Christ, and The Aquarian Gospel of Christ. Along with Aleister Crowley and Egyptian Tarot. I also oil paint subconscience art while listening the Volta sometimes...check out my paintings

Point being–before I go on about how easy it is to be Christ. And how other cultures documented Christ in their own language.


! The Chorus is phenomenal!

Fail | Reviewer: Neutronic
    ------ About the song Televators performed by Mars Volta

Ok, the lyrics might be abt that dudes death, but hasnt anyone thoguht abt the title? i mean come on, the lyrics have nothing to do with it. If you look up Jumproom, youll find that it is an elevator like room that teleports guess where.. MARS! strange coincidence or what?

Booklet in CD | Reviewer: gndylan
    ------ About the song The Widow performed by Mars Volta

It tells you the story inside the booklet inside the CD. All of these interpretations straying from the story of Cygnus seeking out vengeance of the murderers of his mother, Frances, are false. This is about a gender ambiguous person, most likely a male though, paying for sex with the AIDS-infected Cygnus. They both know he has it, but the Widow prefers to have someone with himt than sleep alone. It will bring him to death sooner which he believes will bring him to his deceased love sooner.

Stop translating it wrong!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Xavier
    ------ About the song Asilos Magdalena performed by Mars Volta

Just to clear all the misnomers that run wild on here.........
Ok. Asilos means asylum, shelter, home........NOT heaven or hell or whatever else i read here.
Ahem. Everyone is talking about a MUDDY body wtf is that he clearly clearly clearly says MI CUERPO DE sounds like a LOVO in fluent spanish and it means WOLFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! People need to polish their spanish or qtip them ears.....
Another thing, the ouija board was not a part of this album, it was in bedlam in goliath.

As per all other relations, i agree. There is a mix of kabbalistic knowledge throughout the albums song titles (Tetragrammaton, Day of the Baphomets) and his use of asilos magdalena in regards to nuns, chastitiy, asylums, spiritual anguish is heavy...while the lyrics perfectly describe the various aspects of Samael/The morning star/Satan/the seducer and his descent to this world from above.
It seems to be a dialogue between two people, taken in any possible way.

Echo has it ALLLLLL wrong dont listen to them.....seems like they go online and randomly guess song lyrics cus it sounds like theyre talking about some random love song. anyways. Love peace light. Mars volta bangs your mom on top of amps every damn night.

..... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Inertiatic ESP performed by Mars Volta

Yes, this song is about their friend who is in a coma. This person actually existed and he was very sick from drug addiction. The whole album is about his visions from this coma. From what I understand, he had killed himself when he snapped out of it because he was so upset that all the crazy visions were over and he had to come back to reality.

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