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Avias Mars Attack Lyrics

Last updated: 08/21/2012 06:49:08 AM

new reporters:
ladies and gentlemen they are here, reports says that the us troops have
spotted two aircrafts, one a space capsule of some sort and another look as
if its something from a sci fi movie, ufo spaceship or something! please
stay in your homes and lock all your doors! we just recieved a report that
they have landed and are opening the portal to their aircraft

attention earthlngs, this is avias, the best rapper in polk county florida
all you dumb stupid humans fighting just to just be relevant
yo thats kinda hard something like a stripper be celebate
i just gotta keep it real all yall bars are whack, w, h, a, c, k niggas get
im the pimp, yall the hoes so just bring me my stacks
any nigga wanna step outta line grabbing the gat
im not in yall league from the future intelligence corp
a futuristic agency ran by mars you dorks
these rappers on that a, b, c shit when im lightyears away
by the end of 2012 we gone see who here the stay
these rappers better sit down, gone and fetch me my crown
royal chair sitting so high i cant even see the ground
im on fire, yall the middle, i just spreaded around
they better make like nicki and ring the alarm, pound
im the brains of the mic like a spaceship terminal
had to slow it down for the re-tards these lyrics arent learnable
i work so fast like shooting stars when i drop my music
so bad i can retire unsigned but my fans keep choosing it
i said my fans keep choosing it, everytime i drop a track i have these
rappers just losing it
name is avias seay i was deported from mars, a futuristic world with aliens
and flying cars
on social networks they mimicing me
bars just so catchy and so amazing
make thse niggaz want to step they entree up to the plates
but they forgot the listeners feasting on my food they too late
i dont have time for haters, so just let them hate
they sleeping now but when i sign this record deal they awake
i dont care about the peoples opinion what they rate
better watch they mouths cause im fire for they on sake
for they own sake
ha ha ha ha