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You know him as a key member of IMX (formerly Immature), as
one of the stars of the hit television series "Sister,
Sister" and for his credits on albums by hit-makers such as
B2K and Destiny's Child. Now, with the release of his first
T.U.G./A&M/Interscope Records solo album, 21-year old
Marques 'Batman' Houston is stepping out to showcase the
full range of his skills as a singer, songwriter and
producer. "It's not too 'left' from what I've done before
with IMX," he says. "The difference is that this album is
more about my own More...

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Submit Marques Houston New Lyrics

Reviews about Marques Houston songs

so true | Reviewer: iwhitecastle
    ------ About the song That Girl performed by Marques Houston

HA damn just listen to these lyrics and its so true about my gf.

i look at other girls but they dont compair to mine they can be hotter or whatever its just that i LOVE my girl so much and nothing even matters.

This song is the shit.

LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Thomas
    ------ About the song All Because Of You performed by Marques Houston

I would like to sing this song to someone I like in case a girl breaks up with me and I would to dedicated this song to my crush alought we barely new each other I will still remember her smile and great she was as a friend

My Circle | Reviewer: Carter
    ------ About the song Circle performed by Marques Houston

I was dating a girl a little over a year and we had a love probably one most people look to find we had trust loyalty and a few bumps but what relationship doesn't so we dated i remember the day i met her in summerschool she was a vision of beauty and she of course played the hard to et card but i wore her down and finally i got the courage to ask her to be with me and when i did i could've pissed my pants literally but she said yes i was so happy so we had a good realtionship but along the way we hit a few bumps but we got thru that no problem i thought we would stay together because if we went thru all that and were still together we could get thru anything but out of nowhere we finished and now i see her driving down the street and i think about what could've been and it hurts and i have to take my mind off it automatically cause i don't want those memories in my head anymore Thats my circle!!!

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Shanette
    ------ About the song Never Say Goodbye performed by Marques Houston

this is the best song ever!...i cant stop singing this song. I wish it was a lot longer and had a video..luv ya marques houston...ya diggz!


ALONE | Reviewer: JULZ
    ------ About the song Alone performed by Marques Houston

I love this song so much. Even though I don't have his albums and stuff, I really do love him! I HATE IT! It's not available here in Australia. I've looked everywhere. Now he's coming here with omarion, I REALLY WAT TO GO

Circle | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Circles performed by Marques Houston

I can also relate to this song. I'm currently in a relationship and we've been going out for about 7 months and now he went away for college. It's like i want to be with him but im afraid of getting hurt. I know he wouldn't hurt me intentionally but I have my thoughts of him cheating on me. It's so hard. I want to be friends while he's away but i dont know if thats a decision that I'm going to regret. I love this kinda gives me hope that if in fact we do take a break we might get back together.

another virsion | Reviewer: shaye
    ------ About the song Circle performed by Marques Houston

the part about and it got me thinkin bout how we use to be just you and me!!!! they need to have both songs cuz theres on that says and u crossed my mind i still hear u sayin u love me then i colse my eyes!!!!!!
but its all da same thing wat eva!!!!!

So Right For Me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Right for Me performed by Marques Houston

I am lovin this song completely!!!!!Wish all guys were that honest!!!

Luv it!!* | Reviewer: Tyler
    ------ About the song Circles performed by Marques Houston

I luv dis song man it remind`z me ov a guyy i wnt out wit n he left my school too goe to anotha one and it woznt working out so we broke up then i got wif another guy and he wanted me back so bad but i couldnt go bk to em koz of some reasons dat i not goin to mention but i can so relate to dis song i luv it !*

mmhhh... | Reviewer: mooch77
    ------ About the song Sex Wit You performed by Marques Houston

this is my song it makes me think of my baby while he was gone n away thanks to marques houston and this website

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