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You know him as a key member of IMX (formerly Immature), as one of the stars of the hit television series "Sister, Sister" and for his credits on albums by hit-makers such as B2K and Destiny's Child. Now, with the release of his first T.U.G./A&M/Interscope Records solo album, 21-year old Marques 'Batman' Houston is stepping out to showcase the full range of his skills as a singer, songwriter and producer. "It's not too 'left' from what I've done before with IMX," he says. "The difference is that this album is more about my own personal feelings and situations I've been in." The lead off single, the lilting groove-flavored "That Girl" produced by Kowan "Q" Paul is a prime example: "I love what the song is saying: it's about a guy who admits he looks at others but he's reassuring his girl that she really is the only one. I can relate to thatɡnd to other tunes on the album like the ballad "Love Is A Game" and "Acting Up," which has almost like a rock edge to it."

With strong cuts like "Walk Away" and "The Grass Is Greener," MH displays Marques' vocal maturity and he admits that working on his first solo project was a real learning experience. "My manager Chris Stokes has been my mentor since I first started out in this business and when we were preparing to do the album, we agreed that it should be an opportunity for me to show my strength as a singer" Marques says. "Then, producers like Kenny Whitehead really pushed me vocally and I'm happy he did." Tunes like the acoustically-flavored "Alone" and the upbeat cut "I Like It Like That" which features rapper Mila J give the multi-talented performer to shine musically. "This is the first time I've worked with some of the producers, like Kenny (of The Whitehead Brothers) and Troy Taylor," says Marques, one of the hit-making four-man writing and production team known as Platinum Status. "It was challenging but that's what I enjoyed about it."

Stating clearly that "I'm stepping out to do something on my own but I'm still a part of IMX," Marques reflects that the decision to start a solo project began to take form when he was working with fellow group members Romeo and LDB on IMX's self-titled 2001 album. "It all fell into place and I told Chris (Stokes) that I wanted to show the world what I could do. He asked me if I was absolutely sure and I told him I was positive, I was ready to do this." After speaking with Interscope executives Jimmy Iovine and Ron Fair, Marques began working on his much-anticipated solo project prior to hitting the road with the "Scream 2" tour (which featured IMX, B2K and Lil Bow Wow) in July 2002. "I did a few songs when we had a break in Atlanta and as soon as the tour stopped in October, I went right back into the studio to finish the recordɢ

In between times, Marques was busy with the other members of Platinum Status completing work on B2K's sophomore album, Pandemonium! His involvement with the group pre-dates the release of their 2001 debut album since two members, Omarion and J-Boog are related to him: Omarion is his younger brother while J-Boog is his cousin. As COO of The Ultimate Group management team, Marques has been actively working with B2K for the past few years, passing on the invaluable experience he's gained through his years with Immature/IMX.

A young 'vet' in the music industry, Marques got his first taste of fame when Immature hit the charts in 1992 with "Tear It Up" from the soundtrack of the movie "Bebe's Kids." The L.A. trio's debut Virgin Records On Our Worst Behavior created an immediate stir among young record buyers. But it was the 1994 MCA follow-up Playtyme, featuring the Top 5 pop and R&B hit gold single "Never Lie" and a second gold single, "Constantly" that took Immature into the mainstream marketplace. Subsequent MCA albums (1995's We Got It and 1997's The Journey) kept the group in the forefront and with a name change to IMX, reflecting the group's coming-of-age and creative growth, the team released Introducing IMX in 1999.

Marques, who cites Michael Jackson as his primary musical influence and considers Boyz II Men as the most impactful group he heard growing up, started developing his own skills as a writer: Immature's The Journey contained his song "Alone," a song written in the wake of his mother's passing. After forming the production team Platinum Status with the other 2 members of IMX, Jerome "Romeo" Jones, Kelton "LDB" Kessee and Toni Scott, Marques got further opportunities to reveal his burgeoning talents. Marques showcased his songwriting and producing talents by working with Platinum Status on Destiny's Child's impressive 1999 album The Writing's On The Wall and on IMX's 2001 self-titled New Line Records release. "Writing has become like a second passion for me," says Marques. "I never thought it would develop this way but I've always used reality-based situations and real life subjects as the basis for the songs I write."

Known to fans all over the world as 'Batman'. (A nickname he got "from fooling around one day at a radio station and putting Batman underwear on my head!"). The multi-faceted young entertainer Р(who enjoyed wide popularity for his recurrent role in the WB television series "Sister Sister" which is currently in nationwide syndication), Marques has taken his writing and producing abilities to a new level with the release of MH. "My aim has always been to make music that can make a difference in someone's life, and my greatest joy has always been knowing that a song I wrote or sung touched someone else. I felt really passionate about making this record and now I want everyone else to 'feel' it!"

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Music , Movies! | Reviewer: Christina Hune | 6/20/12

Marques you do a great job on your music , movies , dancing! When I was younger I did look at sister & sister and when I saw you there is marques. I like the movies Somebody Help 1 & 2 , You Got Served , Battlefield America I went to see it it is very great I can not singing the song and dancing too!

sexy man! | Reviewer: nicole | 2/17/11

I have had the biggest crush on marques houston for like 5-6 years now.He is so sexy!!!!!! I dream about him being my boyfriend 4eva and eva!!! I love his songs: circle and that girl. He has such a sexy voice!! And his body looks so delicious!! I wish I could meet him someday and get a hug from him! He is awesome! Luv ya marques!

hunkiest sexiest guy eva | Reviewer: irene | 8/6/08 iryn from kenya and if had a chance i would lick ya... lyk whoa!i think av fallen for ya n everytm i hear about you i lose breath and my heart stops beating and dem i just dream about you like every single.i have your songs on my phone and dem i just like ya alot .halla!

UTAKE Communication Progress | Reviewer: Kaytie | 12/22/07

Hey Marques,u r da sexiest man alive. I have dis major crush on u n i think ur da best artist alive. How bout comin down to africa n gettin it on with ugandan women. am crazy bout u. nuff afican love. kaytie

I thank you for being you!! | Reviewer: Chantisa Armstrong | 11/16/07

marques Houston- i just want to say , thank you for the love that i have for you, being a lady in life lets me know that there's more to life then making some one feel useless, i fell that since i've got to see you in real life(the hug you gave me) singing to you on a radio station( i still want my date) and being around you has made me see how much you mean to me( in every way) thank you so much- i don't have nothing but love for ya.. Chantisa Lashe Armstrong.....

Man of my DREAMS!! | Reviewer: Sophia Vasquez | 11/2/07

i have LOVED marques ever since he was younger in IMX, and when he was on tv sisister sister,his voice is so heavenly and it puts at peace... i hape that he keeps singing bringign good music to this world.
mucho love and KISSES~SOPHI

HOW CAN I UNDERSTAND!!!! | Reviewer: Chantisa L Armstrong | 11/1/07

Well, everyone know's i love Marquse Houston
my Aunts, my Uncles, my cousins, my myfriends, any and everyone. He's my Heart and I'm not Ashamed to say that. He's gives me this need to feel feel that love is all that's in the world thru- his music, sometimes when i write lyrics i go blank, but when i here his voice,i become so calm because i feel where he's coming from... i love him since day One and i'm not turning back.. so if any body think or feel that i'm too over the head with this -needs to know that jehova heavenly father- knows why i care so much about him- and can't see where i'm coming from... forever yours.. Chantisa Lashae Armstrong...

Long Time Fan | Reviewer: Anniesha Little-Fountaine | 10/16/07

M.H. i've been a fan of urs since u were known as batman!!!! now u've evolved into marques Houstan my future husband! u could hit me up l8r on my email k? love ur fan

True Red love | Reviewer: true red | 9/5/07

Marques i love you so your videos Naked, and Circle is all idream about coming on B.E.T. your sing Circle was so deep i play it over and over again for my xboyfriend.I just love you and i can't wait to see you and when i do you will know who i am.

Young and sexy | Reviewer: J Baby | 8/12/07

OMG...Marques is so damn sexy!!!!!!!!!!! I admire him so much and i listen to his songs my favorite is Tears, Circle, and All Because of you. Marques you have a wonderful voice and i hope bout 2 more years i be doing a song with you. I'm working so hard to get in the music business,but u can email me sometime like u is anyway but you are 1 of my favorite singer. I have dreams about you, not nasty things like thoes other females but dreams about you want me to sing with you. Marques please email me sometimes....Love you baby!!!!

hey | Reviewer: rakia | 7/7/07

this is for marques houston the movie called
somebody help me when dose it come out and the movie you got serverd 2 when is it coming out

he is a hunky | Reviewer: sandy louise | 7/6/07

marques is a cutie guy.actually he iz ma best musccian in male artisits.i real fancy his muzic,especially cicle.besides he knows how to groove down n'dats make ma say whoa!

The hottest MAN ALIVE!! | Reviewer: Jay | 6/22/07

I don't know how many time I have watched your videos "naked" and "circle", you are the finest man in the world!!! You have no idea what I would do to your young booty!!!!! I just wish you were singing the "naked" song to me in a bathtub!!! Trust that there would be more than singing going on!!!

BEING THE BEST... | Reviewer: chantisa | 6/8/07

well as you can see i believe in marques alot, he's a great role model to me, and it's a blessing. Marques Houston worked hard to be where he is and i'm glad to say that. He made time for himself- and got straight to the point. Made goals in his life and made them reality. I am trully proud of him and it makes me see him for who he really is, and man that does'nt let any thing stands in his way....... CHANTISA A.

marques houston is out of this world | Reviewer: jess | 6/6/07

i love him i've only been a fan for 2 years but those two years were great! i have all three of his cd's i saw him in consert too! i hope to meet him one day! please don't stop at 30 keep it up

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