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The Banner Marked For Life Lyrics

Last updated: 08/25/2004 09:59:18 PM

i stand alone
i chose this path for me
and though your gone
i'm marked for life
one more time
another falls
we're going round and round again
carve it on my stone
on the day i die.
as strong now
are my feelings
what it means and it still matters.
live my life for no one but me
and this path has strengthened me
i stand tall
it burns - i raise my fist
declaration - my heart
its drives me-on my stone.
true till death.
i look around, i dont like what i see.
whats this about - i'm marked for life
they've let me down, those that we once looked to
it's so clear now - i'm marked for life
i look around, how did it get so bad
wont let them down - i'm marked for life
we'll tear it down, there's nothing left for me
get off the ground - i'm marked for life
and here i stand - i'm my strongest ever
and though they may fall, i'm still marked for life.