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Storytelling is a lost art.

Although the communication form of choice during ancient
times—Jesus himself greatly favored it when he taught the
multitudes—the conventions, inventions, and formulas of the
modern age unceremoniously dethroned storytelling as the
preferred vehicle for conveying truth.

Fortunately, Mark Schultz knows better.

Of course the title of his highly anticipated third album,
Stories and Songs, says something about Schultz’s penchant
for putting memorable parables to music. But as he’s proven
with his string of More...

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Review about Mark Schultz songs
Amazing Love! | Reviewer: Obianuju
    ------ About the song Letters From War performed by Mark Schultz

I came across this amazing love song sometime in 2008, and I've loved it ever since! As a mother, it arouses the need for me to encourage my children no matter what! Thanks Mark, God bless you!

What can we learn about Jesus? "I AM" . Olivia A, / 1/2014 | Reviewer: Olivia Alaniz
    ------ About the song I Am performed by Mark Schultz

Woman's bible study of more than 25 ladies. THE GOSPEL of JOHN chapter eight, on study book page 80, in fact the question yesterday was.
What can we learn about Jesus from the following 14 Bible "I AM" passages? God was not only gracious and amazing by reveling Himself in scripture to us, but He, added as well 27-30 more verses through Mark Schultz I AM song. God is good.

He is more than sufficient | Reviewer: David Olawale
    ------ About the song I Am performed by Mark Schultz

In Him we live, we serve & have our being
The full personality of Christ
Christ has achieved & given us more than what we required to live an outstanding life.Just go boldly to the throne & claim what is yours.
This song is ministering immensly to my Spirit

encouragement | Reviewer: Max White Tiger
    ------ About the song Love Has Come performed by Mark Schultz

when I was seating upset in home, in God tv I heard this song, and its encourage me a lot, the Love of God is always there when everyone left us, Jesus come to earth for all of us, to save us,

Who He is gets us through | Reviewer: Connie
    ------ About the song I Am performed by Mark Schultz

The Lord woke me up to this song playing in my head this morning. I have been praying for my friend Lisa whose husband passed away a few days ago. I looked this up to share with her. If we can just remember who He is we can get through anything. This song does that and the music with it is so appropriate to set the mood.

    ------ About the song Love Has Come performed by Mark Schultz

As we've been enlightened to the Love of God to us(Born Again Christian), it is our responsibility to share the gospel and to win souls.. As a servant of God, we should also share the Love of God to unbelievers or those who are not in Christ, by preaching and teaching them the gospel.. Remember that Jesus came to look for the lost sheep, as what we are before..So that when the rupture(judgement) comes, only satan will be cast to the lake of fire..besides the lake of fire was created by God supposedly for satan only..

We should not also accusing or thinking negative to our fellow men.. Besides the singer is glorifying our Lord, he pleases Him not us.. and don't try also to please people, we should be pleasing God..

Weak biblically | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Has Come performed by Mark Schultz

Yes it is a nice sounding song but as a christian I couldn't help noticing the weakness spiritually in the chorus....Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord and for most if not all of those people (post rapture - Christ 2nd coming) they will be witnessing Gods wrath not his Love and Mercy because it will be too late at this point after rejecting Jesus for so long. This piece of scripture basically indicates that even if someone doesn't want to admit it they will admit it because of their horror of impending damnation. God is a god of love but he is also a just God and cannot allow those who aren't in Christ to not pay for their sin. It will be an I told you so moment to those who didn't or wouldn't believe eventhough somewhere in their past someone or something witnesses to them...
This song definitely has universalism undertones or maybe its written biblically inaccurate because it sounds nice that way. Singing God ia wrath God is wrath probably wouldnt sound very pleasing

In reply to the first comment... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Has Come performed by Mark Schultz

In reply to the first comment and those who agree...

You said 'The Bible says every knee shall bow and tongues confess that Jesus is Lord, not that "God is love."'

1 John 4:16
And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. GOD IS LOVE. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

This is a beautiful song, and it's still all about worshiping and loving Jesus, it isn't right to get caught up in petty arguments about small areas that people disagree in, but more importantly that you're worshiping Jesus!! :]

Love Has Come doesn't teach Universalism | Reviewer: DJ
    ------ About the song Love Has Come performed by Mark Schultz

This song has touched me because it tells the truth that Jesus, who is love, came for us all. Also, every knee will bow some day but for those who did not bow their knee on earth it will be too late. There is another song that we sing in the church and no one seems to think it promotes universalism. The song is "When We All Get to Heaven" by Eliza E. Hewitt. It is a song written to the church just as Mark Schultz song is. Great song!

Christ Triumphant | Reviewer: SteveW
    ------ About the song Love Has Come performed by Mark Schultz

This song clearly teaches universalism. However, don't be so quick to condemn it unless you want to condemn the early (Greek) church fathers. It wasn't until the Latin fathers and Roman Catholic church that eternal, inhuman torment for the vast majority of mankind became the normative belief. A bit of church history that most evangelicals seem to be unaware of.

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