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BORN: November 25, 1964, Ellensburg, WA

Mark Lanegan is of course best known for his years as the
vocalist for the Screaming Trees. He has also been building
a following for the last 10 years with a number of
remarkable solo records that highlight his love for
singer/songwriters, and American folk and blues. This love
for the rich history of American contemporary music was
showcased with his last album ' I'll Take Care of You' his
fourth solo release. The album focused on cover songs that
Mark chose by artists that have inspired and More...

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Reviews about Mark Lanegan songs

Haunting | Reviewer: catface
    ------ About the song When Your Number Isn't Up performed by Mark Lanegan

The meaning of this song just hit me today, I've been listening to it for years but never took much notice of it's lyrics (big mistake)
This is a song about being ready for death, but suffering through the last days/weeks/years of a life already lived out. It's quite chilling really, but beautiful at the same time.

Makes me Wonder. | Reviewer: Grace
    ------ About the song Museum performed by Mark Lanegan

This is a beautiful song. It makes me think of Cobain and his daughter. Whenever I hear this chilling song, I can't help but wonder if this was for Frances regarding Kurt's death and everything else that she's dealt with..That's atleast how I picture it. This song will always remind me of Cobain and his legacy.
One of my favorites.

stranger in a strange land | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Carry Home performed by Mark Lanegan

beautiful song, lanegan's delivery is unbelievable, would make the best closing credits song ever but i'm not sure any film could be good enough

'Old friend, what are you looking for?
After those many years abroad you come
With images you tended
Under foreign skies
Far away from your own land'

George Seferis

Haunting | Reviewer: cindi
    ------ About the song One Hundred Days performed by Mark Lanegan

Ijust heard this song for the first time on FX show Rescue Me and had to find out who sang it. It is an exquisitely beautiful and haunting song and I can't believe I've not heard of the artist before. Unbelievably gorgeous.

review | Reviewer: nick rodgers
    ------ About the song No Easy Action performed by Mark Lanegan

soulful and very real, especially if you've been down that road but just as good nonetheless

Quick review of "The River Rise" | Reviewer: Samir
    ------ About the song The River Rise performed by Mark Lanegan

The first time I had heard this song was a small sound-bite clip from the 1996 documentry "Hype". For the longest time, I thought this was some random song Kurt sang (perhaps a side-project song with friends from The Vaselines) and have been searching in earnest since then. I just randomly came upon this song one day, and realized its not Kurt at all, and felt like a fool. However, this song is very melodic, and I can understand now that the Screaming Trees were definetly an influence on Nirvana. This song sounds like someone describing a vague dream they had when they were a child ... like someone having a fit of nostalgia. Everyone can relate to the lyrics and mold it to their own life, and at the same time, it seems painful and specific to the singer/songwriter. He had a sepcific purpose in mind while singing this song; To share how every person feels when they are at their lowest moments in life. This is one of those rare songs you could play at a eulogy, and everyone would shed at least one tear for the departed.

Hit the City | Reviewer: Sandy Barron
    ------ About the song Hit The City performed by Mark Lanegan

If there is a God and he is all-knowing and all-good, Hit the City would be a top-Forty hit. A perfect mixture of brains and brawn, and a great pop song.

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