Mark Lanegan Albums

  • Black Pudding Album (5/14/2013)
    Black Pudding
    War Memorial
    Last Rung
    Death Rides A White Horse
    Thank You
    Cold Molly
    Shades Of The Sun
    Manchester Special

  • Blues Funeral Album (2/6/2012)
    The Gravedigger's Song
    Bleeding Muddy Water
    Gray Goes Black
    St. Louis Elegy
    Riot In My House
    Ode To Sad Disco
    Phantasmagoria Blues
    Quiver Syndrome
    Harborview Hospital
    Deep Black Vanishing Train
    Tiny Grain Of Truth
    Burning Jacob's Ladder

  • Hawk Album (8/24/2010)
    You Won't Let Me Down Again
    Snake Song
    Come Undone
    No Place To Fall
    To Hell And Back Again
    Cool Water

  • Sunday At Devil Dirt Album (5/13/2008)
    Seafaring Song
    The Raven
    Who Built The Road
    Come On Over (Turn Me On)
    Back Burner
    The Flame That Burns
    Shotgun Blues
    Keep Me In Mind, Sweetheart
    Something To Believe
    Sally, Don't You Cry

  • Ballad Of The Broken Seas Album (6/1/2006)
  • Bubblegum Album (8/10/2004)
  • Here Comes That Weird Chill Album (12/9/2003)
  • Field Songs Album (5/8/2001)
  • I'll Take Care Of You Album (9/21/1999)
  • Scraps At Midnight Album (7/21/1998)
  • Whiskey For The Holy Ghost Album (1/18/1994)
  • The Winding Sheet Album (4/1/1990)

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    The devils apprentice | Reviewer: James Lambert
        ------ About the album Bubblegum performed by Mark Lanegan

    This album is absolutely amazing. Bruce Springsteen on methadone. You must have it

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