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Mark Knopfler was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on the 12th of
August 1949. He was around seven years old when the
Knopfler family moved to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the
North-East of England. Mark attended Gosforth Grammar
School. As a young boy Mark was inspired by his uncle
Kingsley's harmonica and boogie-woogie piano playing.
Later, in his teens, he set his heart on an all too
expensive flamingo-pink Fender Strat, just like Hank
Marvin's, but in the end he had to settle for a £50
twin pick-up Hofner Super Solid and £50 was More...

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Review about Mark Knopfler songs
Guitar God | Reviewer: AALOK DUTTA
    ------ About the song What It Is performed by Mark Knopfler

I have listening to MARK KNOPFLER since 1986, when his album BROTHERS IN ARMS was made available in India. He is the best guitarist ever born. no matter how speedy is Van Halen or M.Angelo Batio is.The sweetness of the guitar tones, with great speed which MK can produces, no one able to compete in million years. He is our Icon of youth with memories and melodies..HE IS THE ULTIMATE....WE SALUTE YOU!

Best formula racing rock by any measure ... Mark Guitar Knopfler | Reviewer: Eduardo
    ------ About the song Speedway at Nazareth performed by Mark Knopfler

I remember hearing Mark and this amazing combo in the 00s at the Fox in DETROIT. The tour was blow-away gold never to fade in one's mind. Not long after he made PHILADELPHIA ... I specially fell in love with this outrageous rock storm that instantly hooks you and you cannot put it down without listening many times to his blistering groove in a row till it haunts you.

good song | Reviewer: Hongyan Clinton
    ------ About the song Telegraph Road performed by Mark Knopfler

Telegraph road is a good song by the lyrics. By Mark is a good singer in the past. Very good. It would be nice if I first meet him! Somebody like him if I hear them on the radio I'd be happy with them like the Wanted, One direction and Robbie Williams they are all good singers but Mark is the best! So hope you are on the radio but Mark has a good band in 2012 so I'm wish they sing in Co.Meath in my county! But they are the best and I hope that everybody say that Mark is number 1 it is nice of you if you join thank you!

Isn't it wonderful... | Reviewer: Smitty
    ------ About the song Romeo And Juliet performed by Mark Knopfler

...that there are people who don't talk like the TV talk? Thank you, Mr. Knopfler, for such beautiful, touching lyrics. Stepping out of the shade...kissing you through the bars of a song. Gulp. This is a magic carpet ride. Climb on and fly away.

My Story | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Cleaning My Gun performed by Mark Knopfler

When I was a young boy still in high school I fell for a girl. I asked her to the Winter Formal and he was playing this song when I came over for dinner to pick her up. I laughed and said I wouldn't expect anything less from him. For his birthday about 8 months later I burnt him a CD with Tim McGraw's "Don't take the Girl", "Father's Love", George Strait's "Check Yes or No", and a few others and titled it "First Impressions". He laughed so hard when he played it, that a tear rolled down his face. His response was "I like you son, wanna come fishin' with me and the girls?". I remember that trip still today, that girl and I are married now. Her father died of prostate cancer, and I cry every time I hear this song. It makes me sad that there is such stigma around it. I am definitely giving a CD with this song to my son's first GF's father. I love this song and it has deep meaning for me, thank you Mr. Atkins.

Amazing song... | Reviewer: Anib
    ------ About the song Speedway at Nazareth performed by Mark Knopfler

I would like to telle something to Mark : One thing i'm sure : i've listened this song more times you play it ... and everytime it makes me feel something i can't explain... For me it's one of the 10 best tracks of the story of music... Thank you Mark for this Amazing song!

Why ahy man | Reviewer: Macca
    ------ About the song Why Aye Man performed by Mark Knopfler

Brilliant song, has to be sung with a goordie acsent. Today with the planting of Margret Thatcher a stark reminder of the anti-social attitude of extreme right wing politics. "I don't beleive in society" she said and by god she punished every one who did.

Like that | Reviewer: surfric
    ------ About the song Boom Like That performed by Mark Knopfler

I was really curious about the lyrics, and did not make the McDonald's connection. When it is pointed out, yah, duh. Kroc with a K. Of course, with Mark there's always another level of mystery. Why is his name NOT kroc? What exactly is kroc-style? Just dog eat dog business? And what is "Boom like that", except a really great and weird lyric? We may never know.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Patti Kaselauskas
    ------ About the song Love and Happiness performed by Mark Knopfler

I heard this cd in a store while shopping and this song stopped me in my tracks. It is perhaps the most beautiful song I've ever heard and I never get tired of it. It is the perfect song with which to send your child out into the world. It expresses our hopes and dreams and fears for our children with such lovely words and a hauntingly beautiful melody.

Great Guitarist | Reviewer: John P. from Canada
    ------ About the song What It Is performed by Mark Knopfler

I've been a Dire Straits and Knopfler fan from the outset. This man can play guitar. 'What It is' reflects what Knopfler is all about - fantastic lyrics and great guitar licks. The song was used as the opening music for a show on the CBC radio station (here in Canada) - the show called Dispatches was a great piece of investigative journalism. I heard the music over and over again before I knew it was Knopfler. Well that's 'What is is'. I would love to see this guy in concert.

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