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Teenage singing sensation Mario who would be releasing his
album on July 9,2002 began his life by being a big dreamer.
When Mario was little he knew he wanted to be an
entertainer. One day Mario was at home singing in the
shower and his mom thought it was the radio. At the age 4
Mario's mom knew he had alot of talent. Mario was born and
raised in Baltimore,Maryland. He has now relocated and he
now lives in Ney Jersey
Mario is a sophmore in high school. His influences are
Usher, Brian McKnight, Joe, and Stevie Wonder. When Mario More...

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Review about Mario songs
beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How Do I Breathe performed by Mario

I met up with a good friend. I am engaged but he is single . We were together through my trip of 3weeks. He was the sweetest. Happened that he is crazy about me,I think I like him too. I am back home and he asked me to listen to this song. I miss him though.

Sensational effect | Reviewer: Elias koech. . Chepterian
    ------ About the song Gallery performed by Mario

For quite long,. .i dnt know it was mario who sang that song. .now am singing along with mario and Im loving the emotional efect in that song. for a million hours I first flap of my laptop and the dimpling song stands up a que of gallery . . . . .HOW I LOVE THAT SONG . . .just th same words in it wil explain how I feel. . Bravo! to mario

2013 | Reviewer: Yvonne Johnson
    ------ About the song Let Me Love You performed by Mario

Mario Barrett I love you so be a. Friend for you and I have be I talke to you and so you and be get cath on online so we can talke get me your number get kiss Do you have sistr Do you have a gril friend Do talk t o your mom yes or no did you say me sex and music thank you be good man to mom be happy for you see you and I love you my name Yvonne Johnson Mario Barrett I sand massage to you and sand your message have a good day

harder to think | Reviewer: rain
    ------ About the song How Do I Breathe performed by Mario

this makes me cry, makes me remember all my heartaches and for the new love now that had result another heart broken, i think i don't deserve this and i deserve better, beyond all this pain, this song gave more courage to carry on....

its true | Reviewer: puja kc
    ------ About the song How Do I Breathe performed by Mario

i loved him so much but he couldnot understand. he cheated me, he had a gf even he lied me that he loved me so much. one day he told me that plz never cheat me ok puja but he himself cheating me and m unknow about this.

and realy its hard to forget true love. its hard me 2 sleep every night coz i have memory of him. i want 2 forget him but i cant wat can i do? its my mistake being love with him. love give only pain not happiness its the painful medicine. i cant make my life happy again. sometime i wish 2 be with u but i cant i cry and cry but he cant listen me coz he was already gone. but i wish him all the best for his successful life and i alwaz love him even he cant do.i love you

How cud u Adelaide? | Reviewer: webber victor
    ------ About the song How Could You performed by Mario

Tis song reminds me of Adelaide, a gal I pitied and luved wen she was nothin for 4 and half yrs wen she bcame someone since she was in form one. I gave her all I cud giv 2 a lady bt she left me to a teacher: Churchil, she even went ahead to change her contacts. It was sad. I thought I wud die bt I recovered and thank God 4 it.If I didnt luv her 5 yrs ago wen she was miserable and nothin then I didnt deserve her tht she was something now. I forgave her and moved on with life. Better to be single, I had misd tht feeling for many yrs of inceasant agony and heartaches. Try it out guyz...

My painkiller | Reviewer: ruusa
    ------ About the song Gallery performed by Mario

Woow. ths sng cym into hit as i was a young gurl, did nat realy knw the meaning, bt nuw, gone thru alot, i fil pleasd that at least there are souls lyk u that real value women. much love. God bless u.

cry weneva i hear dis sng...miss my x alot | Reviewer: jen kaps
    ------ About the song How Do I Breathe performed by Mario

it was nthng but more then love...made alot of mistakes thn too my baby gal gave me many chances and i lyk a looser screwed everytym n now wen she aint wid me i miss those moments i had spend with..the scars are still on heart n no one can heal that wound...i lyk a fool messed up u still baby..muaahhzzz....Mario u incredible ..this song is really touchy...

i loved her deeply.. | Reviewer: suckah4herrrr
    ------ About the song How Do I Breathe performed by Mario

weLL this sOnq i dedicated to my ex- gf . &| at thee timee we were qOinq through a lOt Of thinqs . &| i rly loved her she was my down ass grl i neva thght id hav 2 b livin w/o her, then likee 5 mOnths later no bulshit i cheated On my loveee w my ex- gf ; evrythn we were goin thru had mee sooo confused to the point wher i juz had to react. i honestly knew, believed, and felt her love for me was tru, however, it was tuff not being able to hav aLL of her, completely.. She was very hurt to the point wher i didnt undrstnd bkz i didnt think she cared at all, after how she had been acting w me b4.
ALL this doesnt even mattr anymore bkz things chng as ppl grow and w time anything is possible. we're not very close friends &| that really actually sucks for me bkz therz alwayz a piece missin.,& i kno she feelz it too.,

but i just iqnOree it &| lOOk pass it &| nOw i undrstnd there cant be an us aymOree . nOw i didnt believe i could breathe w|O her.. however long itz been stil healing. pussy shit? or true love shit?

i lOvess her.. promise i wont 4get, mi chatita chula

how could you | Reviewer: hlulie
    ------ About the song How Could You performed by Mario

im dedicating this song to my ex whom we dated 19 months and then he dump on the 30th october 2010. he made this dope excuse saying that we no longer working out and after 2 days i found out that he was in a new relationship with some other girl ,honestly i was hurt and im still hurt also finding it so hard to let go coz i really loved him and i still do although he is no longer into whenever i listen to this song it reminds me of what he did to me........"sad"

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