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Love him or hate him, the self-proclaimed "Antichrist
Superstar" Marilyn Manson was indisputably among the most
notorious and controversial entertainers of the 1990s.

Celebrated by supporters as a crusader for free speech and
denounced by detractors as little more than a poor man's
Alice Cooper, Manson was the latest in a long line of shock
rockers, rising to the top of the charts on a platform of
sex, drugs and Satanism. Though widely dismissed by
critics, his brand of metal nevertheless struck a major
chord with the youth market More...

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Review about Marilyn Manson songs
Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) performed by Marilyn Manson

He's in love with a girl wearing heart-shaped glasses (btw: Lolita reference?), who's keeping him "on pins and needles" i.e. not giving it to him... This girl is reminding him of two highly charged memories - girls he had sex with. The first one is the most prominent (the "kiss me and it'll heal but it won't forget" line keeps coming back): a girl from high school who symbolically let him 'take her purity' (the white dress that cannot be cleaned again, probably due to the blood, but symbolically, because 'the deed has been done', it is SHE who won't be able to get clean again). It is not said if she enjoyed this.
The most enigmatic line is "Kiss me and it will heal/but it won't forget". He probably hurt her (virginity can do that to you) and so it will 'heal' but the act has been done and the pain cannot be forgotten: these lines link sex and pain, as well as sex and defilement (specifically: men 'defiling' women) very strongly. We're obviously talking about a profoundly anchored cultural structure of perception here. On the other hand, he's reminded of another woman, who could not get enough of it and of him: "she wouldn't let me be anywhere but inside'. A fallen virgin/whore thing is going on here. Also familiar...
When he's speaking to the girl with the heart-shaped glasses (cf. pins and needles verse), he basically says: I don't mind you blue-balling me for now if I get to be in love with you for real and you fuck me 'too' (like the others). He then goes on warning her he could hurt her back if she hurts him ("don't break my heart and I won't break your heart-shaped glasses").
I didn't think about it like that at first (it just seemed to me a really clever play on words), but the choice of the 'heart-shaped glasses' specifically as the thing he would 'break' would point to him doing basically the same thing he did to the high-school girl. We can assume they are both maybe naive and/or have apprehensions when it comes to sex (cf. "little girl"): in both cases he would shatter their illusions about sex being the same thing as love - their "heart-shaped glasses".
Maybe he says this because he has learned to perceive HIMSELF as being something 'hurtful' or 'bad' happening to women (again, cf. the high school experience. When you listen to the music and to his singing, it's as if he's warning her, regretting something, and afraid of what is happening or might happen again. This is what I get from the vibes anyway.
'Cut up' and 'stick it' are both slang for fucking...
It's both about desire for a specific girl and at the same time the getting caught up in the sensation- the sensation which you can have with many girls, and this being a confusing thing, a bad thing. The association of ideas (thinking of past experiences with women) could certainly point in that direction. Who is she? We don't know. He himself is wearing glasses, so to speak: he sees her and sees at the same time the defiled virgin and the nymphomaniac. His perception is shaped by past experiences (let's get real: these don't need to have been actual personal experiences for men to look at women in certain stereotypical perspectives). "It's getting me high, getting me low": he's talking about drugs here I think, but also love... The sensation is there, but what does it mean? Is it hurtful more than it is good? Does it actually connect people? Is someone going to break my heart and am I going to lash out again?
Why did I write all this? Fuck. It's the song's fault. It was more complex than it looked at first,so I got caught up. I think there's actually more to say about it, but I'll stop. All this got me in the mood to listen to some more Manson. I think he's brilliant btw...

Peoples blood | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Personal Jesus performed by Marilyn Manson

This song is about selling your soul to the devil by drinking human blood only fallen angels can sell their soul to the devil people don't have that type of power. The devil wants his earth back before god put people on it. You all think youre bad ass because you don't believe in God but the truth is he's the only one that loves you. Satan use to use people as food for his dinosaurs. You can think I'm crazy but the truth is all you people are going to die unless god comes to save you. Don't believe still? That's fine I'm pretty sure the illuminati has great plans for the human race. Sincerely Gods angel praying for the human race.

MM is a true artist. | Reviewer: Dadgar M
    ------ About the song Sweet Dreams performed by Marilyn Manson

I believ that MM is a true artist. His "Rock is dead" music video led me to the world of MM.
I'm a rock singer and I'm feeling proud to say I'm inspired by marilyn and I do love this man. He is far beyond what most people think.
And I know deep inside he suffers only for the stupidity of mankind.
He is nice, kind, smart and really wise.
Don't judge him unless you've watched his interviews.
He is great and free.MM I respect you ;)

Love it don't hate it | Reviewer: Aya Lee
    ------ About the song Personal Jesus performed by Marilyn Manson

I'm a total athiest and I love this song so fuck all you haters just fucking enjoy it.besides most of the Christians I know are too uptight so loosen the fuck up and enjoy.not even "god" has the right to fucking judge you

    ------ About the song Mechanical Animals performed by Marilyn Manson

The part when he said:

"I'm just a boy ,Playing the suicide king"

Probably he means that the love what he gives its making feel like he's dying but he wants to give it, so its like a suicide

Eh, whatever. | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song Rock 'n' Roll Nigger performed by Marilyn Manson

This. is late, I know.

Well, to be honest, I'm a black British female, and looking at these lyrics was very, very strange. It was a little like opening my eyes in the morning and noticing something unpleasant, like bad weather or some sort. My initial reaction was, "Oh, bah, whatever. I do like Manson, so, why stop?"
And then I read that they weren't his lyrics. Hmm. Why anybody would cover that song is beyond me... I've never even used the n word in my life, it's not a part of my vocabulary, thank you very much!
But yeah.

Like I said. I just felt a little grossed out by the lyrics initially, but now I don't know what to think of them.

Maybe I'll just do what I always do and ignore every song containing the n word.

pretty accurate | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Dope Show performed by Marilyn Manson

These lyrics, they're pretty accurate. Also, I love Manson and Alice and all them guys. All the hatred and disgust people express when talking about their shows, music and videos is cool too as well as their appearance. It just proves they've accomplished what they're going for. It's SHOCK ROCK, that's the point! It's shocking and thought provoking just like it's intended to be. They're extremely intelligent people, they know what they're doing. And its amazing. Shocking performances, great music and awesome videos with great messages.

almost accurate | Reviewer: Saajix
    ------ About the song The Fight Song performed by Marilyn Manson

when he says cut our wrists like cheap coupons and say death is on sale today... I feel it has no relation to government or economics, but its more direct and straight forward, its about the suicide rate in the world. every 30 seconds or less someone right now is going to do it and end it. and then there's the death toll of people dying from murders and other ways, such as drugs driving or natural cause...

best album ever | Reviewer: rio grande river rat
    ------ About the song Disassociative performed by Marilyn Manson

I bought this album in eighth grade back in 98-99 .every song is awesome.hard to believe its been about fifteen years, and nothing from anybody else has come close.this was before the internet was what it is today.almost like he knew where we were headed.

"we used to love ourselves we used to love one another" -MM
Lets bring it back : )

Iran!!plz READ this | Reviewer: Shadi(in English=Happiness)
    ------ About the song 1996 performed by Marilyn Manson

well to be honest,it is not a review but a complaint!before anything i must say that I`m an Iranian girl that really loves Brian.u know,the only person that I like and also love,in this great big white world,is Brian Warner not even my parents or cute boys...but unfortunately,in my country he is considered as a big Satan!!!!!!! and because of lack of freedom,I`ll never be able to listen to his wonderful sound and music in public.ah what shall I do? of my great wishes is that I can visit dear Brian someday before I die but I`m hopeless about it because Brian is not gonna travel to Iran(and of course it`s his right)and I can`t go to America because I`m alone...the reason I chose this page for putting my complaint in,is that I was born in 1996.I wanna say something to Americans-appreciate your freedom even about choosing what to wear and also appreciate living in Brian`s country.I really wish I could see him.....

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