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Love him or hate him, the self-proclaimed "Antichrist Superstar" Marilyn Manson was indisputably among the most notorious and controversial entertainers of the 1990s.

Celebrated by supporters as a crusader for free speech and denounced by detractors as little more than a poor man's Alice Cooper, Manson was the latest in a long line of shock rockers, rising to the top of the charts on a platform of sex, drugs and Satanism. Though widely dismissed by critics, his brand of metal nevertheless struck a major chord with the youth market -- on the strength of a masterfully orchestrated marketing campaign, he became a mainstream anti-hero, much to the chagrin of conservative politicians and concerned parents. Manson was born Brian Warner in Canton, Ohio; at the age of 18, he relocated to Tampa Bay, Florida, working there as a music journalist. In 1989, he became friends with guitarist and fellow outsider Scott Mitchell; they decided to form a band, with Mitchell rechristening himself Daisy Berkowitz and Warner adopting the name Marilyn Manson.

With the addition of bassist Gidget Gein and keyboardist Madonna Wayne-Gacy, the group -- originally dubbed Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids -- begin self-releasing cassettes and playing gigs, their Gothic stage show notable for Manson's elaborate make-up and homemade special effects. Jettisoning their drum machine in favor of one Sara Lee Lucas, the band's sound began taking on a harder edge, and by 1992 they were among the most popular acts in the South Florida area. In 1993, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor came calling, offering both a contract with his Nothing Records label as well as the chance to open for NIN the following spring; Manson accepted both offers, and the group's debut LP, Portrait of an American Family, appeared during the summer of 1994. With new bassist Twiggy Ramirez replacing Gein, the group's notoriety began to soar -- most infamously, during an appearance in Salt Lake City, Manson ripped apart a copy of the Book of Mormon while on-stage. The Church of Satan's founder Anton LaVey also bestowed upon him the title of "Reverend."

While some onlookers dismissed Manson's behavior as crass audience manipulation, his cult following -- comprised almost entirely of disaffected white suburban teens -- continued to swell, and with the release of the 1995's Smells Like Children EP the band broke into the mainstream, propelled by their hit cover of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)." Berkowitz quit a short time later, and was replaced by guitarist Zim Zum; their next LP, 1996's Antichrist Superstar, debuted at the number three spot on the pop album charts. As Manson's popularity grew, so did the furor surrounding him -- his concerts were regularly picketed by civic groups, and his music was the subject of widespread attacks from the right-wing and religious fronts. Again, however, his quick embrace of the media spotlight called into question the true sincerity of his revolutionary aims -- with a cover story in Rolling Stone and a best-selling autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, some onlookers doubted whether Manson had sold his soul to Satan, or just sold his soul, period. The glam-inspired Mechanical Animals followed in 1998, with the resulting tour yielding the live Last Tour on Earth a year later.

Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) came out at the end of 2000. The band toured to support the album in 2001 and during a July show in Michigan, Manson was charged with criminal sexual conduct after performing an alleged offensive act on a security guard. December saw Manson's version of "Tainted Love" appear on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack while another security guard filed a civil suit alleging Manson had rubbed his pelvis on the guard's head. The July 2001 sexual conduct charges were lowered to a misdemeanor in January of 2002 and the civil suit was dropped soon after. May of 2003 saw the release of The Golden Age of Grotesque, which spent a week on top of the album charts and ended up on more than a few critics' year-end Top Ten lists. In April of 2004 the album Lunch Boxes and Choklit Cows appeared, credited to Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids -- Spooky Kids being the name of Manson's earliest band. Manson fought the release and court-ordered some artwork removed that was too close to the art to which the singer owned the copyright. At the end of September the Lest We Forget collection was released, covering the highlights of Manson's career and including a new cover version of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus."

After his marriage with model Dita Von Teese went downhill, Von Teese effectively left Marilyn and moved out of his house. Manson sunk into a bit of depression, and was subject to "the classic rock and roll scenario of people robbing me behind my back", as Manson himself put it. Marilyn left his studio environment and got a fully-furnished studio home, where he could literally "write a song, walk down two doors and record it." Commenting on the new creative environment, Manson feels "liberated." Marilyn plans on releasing a new album, "Eat Me, Drink Me" and has released a song from it titled "If I Was Your Vampire". Marilyn's full intention thru-out the album is to seduce someone, but he hasn't mentioned who. Marilyn and his band will be performing a World Tour upon the release of the new album.

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Reply to "Fame is full of emptiness | Reviewer: X | 12/16/12" | Reviewer: Cameron | 2/5/14

Your review is trash. Manson is FULL of empathy, are you that shitty? His music didn't get him famous??? his music IS the SHOCK you cunt. If he didn't have music do you think he'd be famous?? No! Yea cause cutting your self with your dick in your hand gets people famous. Fuck you, if your going to write a review then be someone what right minded and not one sided asshole.

mansons boss in college | Reviewer: nancy marzulli | 2/6/13

YOU need to correct the statement that he relocated to tampa bay for college HE DID NOT ..he came to fort lauderdale and attended Broward Community College in Coconut Creek Florida. I, Nancy Marzulli wwas his boss on the newspaper The observer, Warner was my assistant

Fame is full of emptiness | Reviewer: X | 12/16/12

Look I don't care about him talking about Satan or doing performance art on stage that has sexual references and cutting himself etc. I don't care if he wears black clothes etc etc. However, I did find he showed a lack of empathy in his biography. He walked past a car crash, he just got women drunk just to have sex with them and not call .... I think the world would be a better place if everyone was more compassionate and that is my personal value system. I can't respect someone who has done horrible things like humiliate so many people in his biography. He co-wrote that so it is not just the press or the extremist Christians making things up.
I am sure he is suffering though so I feel some empathy. The fact he can't seem to hold down a relationship very long must be painful. I know what it is like to break up -- painful.
I grew up listening to The Cure and other British music. I think the theme in music like that was that the bands felt alienated and from that alienation wrote beautiful poetry or longed for love or celebrated and accepted their difference or made a joke out of it.
I find from MM's biography that he feels alienated and is filled with hate, wants to get revenge, has violent ideation, humiliates and hurts others, hurts himself, or turns to empty things like sex with people he is not attracted to, drugs and trying to get attention with fame to fill the void.
The alienation turns to ugliness and more pain for MM. It turns into externalised chaos. I feel with the cure alienation turns into someting beautiful and something reflective where you ask "why?".
Anyway I think MM does have a role as he does express a lot of taboo topics. I believe there was a shirt "kill your parents". I think there are a lot of abusive or annoying parents and that young people do feel extremely angry with their parents, society and authority so I think it is good to have shirts like this. It helps the young people get that off their chest. He obviously speaks for a lot of people who feel so angry that they almost feel violent. I think the fact he expresses this violence probably means that the young that listen to it are actually LESS likely to commit violent acts because they are getting those extreme negative feelings off their chest instead of bottling it up.
America has such a violent culture already. In the media, in the suburbs there violent, sex, sexism..... yet these things are so taboo and when young people start to develop critical thinking they start to see the hypocracy.
If parents and Christians disagree with MM they have to realise they have created the MM fans really by their beahaviour and duplicity. They need to do some soul searching if you ask me.
Anyway I don't like MM's music. Also I am quite old so more into old school music and I also feel MM is copying some of the music that I liked when I was young (not his music but in his persona and image).I am not super into him but I can see there is a need for him.
I hope he finds happiness. Happiness does not come from humiliating other people and also sexism. He seemed to have such a disregard for female fans who came back stage.
But only those who are themself are unhappy abuse others. If he learns to love himself he will be able to love and care for others. I am not excusing his behaviour. Also is he really thinks he is "creative" and differnt ---- well why be so into violence, sex and sexism. Isn't that what mainstream conservative society is based upon?
Christianity is sexist and is extreme in its sexuality
Christianity is male dominated and based on power
Christianity has been involved in lots of wars and lots of conservative people are into guns and the military
So MM's behaviour actually makes him very simliar to many of the teenagers parents who like him
I think towards the end of his biography he did start to display an ounce of empathy as he saw a girl that all the male chauvenists of rock were spitting in one of her orifices and decided not to participate because he remembered what it felt to have low self esteem to be alienated and to want to be liked. Although he did say he found it entertaining.
Anyway I think the Christians and the conservative folk just make MM more popular. The more attention they give him the more popular he becomes. They are stupid for falling for the obvious traps he leave.
It is just so easy for him to manipulate them.
Anyway as someone who is close in age to MM my friends and I see him as a 13 yo annoying immature little boy trying to get attention.
His music is not amazing, he is famous just for being shocking --- well for shocking conservative Christian parents which is not hard. He did say some intelligent things in the Bowling for Columbine documentary. However, most of what he says sounds selfish, immature and cruel. He sounds like a try hard.
Look many people love him a lot. That would be good for his ego but he will never find inner peace until he learns to love himself and get some therapy. Fame is an empty thing. It is only based on the ego.
He does care about "the system". He is a mainstream act on the top 10. So he speaks to the masses. He is part of the media which is superficial in changing ones appearance. Which uses sex and violence to sell to the masses and is sexist.

Love You Mar!Lyn !! | Reviewer: Don | 12/4/12

No matter whatever he do..I still love him and his songs too.He's one of the greatest personalities that've ever lived..!! He's gr8 & he will be the grtst Rock N Roll nigger forevr..!!!

Marylin needs way out!!! | Reviewer: Ronnie | 10/28/11

Marylin appears to be searching hard for something he has apparently lost. I don't know what or how he lost out on that... but maybe his Christian past has something to do with it. I wonder if people know the real Manson...the seeker looking in all the wrong places for true love and all that. Marylin needs to be loved people... not looked down upon! Its true he does some shitty stuff on stage and otherwise, but I believe if he does believe that thare is a person out there waiting to love him and care for him, he would be so different. Give him a chance... don't blame him...LOVE HIM!!! Win him over by love not hate!

does he even read this shit???? | Reviewer: emlie.....again | 1/12/11

i really dont think he takes time to read all these things so y do we take time to write them? simply because we have nothing better to do but get on the net n look up manson.... then we write our little hearts out not knowing who or wats gonna read these. we people r rediculous, but guess one gives a fuck! so i been watchin tv n recorded a biography on marilyn manson..... not much on there i didnt know already. it was interesting to see him speak for himmself but all tht stuff was old news to me. how many of u really know this man, i mean seriously...yall may kno all his songs n all his albums n maybe who his parents r....but i think thts a fact u all wish u could say. i dont personally kno his parents but i kno his dad is extreamly supportive of him. my dad is the same way n i respect tht sooo much. keep rockin, writin, drawin, n completin tht actin dream. we all love you marilyn. even the people who think or say tht they dont. the truth is they all love you so much they hate you. thts just to bad.lmfao:] welp, bye badassness peoples of the living hell we call earth!!!

what a character!? | Reviewer: em:] | 11/6/10

people say a whole buncha things about people in which they honestly dont know whether it be good or bad... well im not gonna say tht i will kiss ass on this argument if hes an intelligent person or an unwanted life form to this world but i will say hes a bad ass dude with a great outlook on life. to me he speaks his mind and knows what he wants to say and honesty is a lot to ask for in a person. i dont have anything demeaning or crude to say about him because i dont know him as a person. none of you do, the only person that any of you know for a fact is yourself. you think that you should see you when you look at others because thats the person you know best...well how about stop looking at others and let others look at you. they will see the same thing you see when you look at outsider with no feeling, no gratitude, and no right to stand for what they beleive in. people are people and if everyone could respect and understand that society would no longer take its toll on the world. we would all have a meaning and we would all be labeled as citizens of the united nation rather than the guy with the peircings or the chick with the butterfly tattoo. i cant stand when someone looks down on someone else who they think is different. nobody is the same...were all different! to tell you the truth, i look down on people who think they have a right to look down on someone else...thats rediculous.! do you have nothing better to do than talk bad about someone?? i mean seriosly get a life...we all do bad things but theres nothing you can do that cant be forgiven, so forgive but dont forget because were all condemed to repeat the past if we dont know it.

THE BEST! | Reviewer: Tony | 9/27/10

Marilyn Manson is the greatest celeberty! He says what we wont. He does some pretty weird things but in the end, it great. I want to be like him, and alot of people hate me for it. But, the only thing I have to say to that is SCREW THEM!!! Hes the GREATEST!

Manson | Reviewer: Rebecca Warner | 5/6/10

He is a loving caring person and he didnot get his ribs removed as what others says so please be a kind gental person and stop saying stuff to hurt him because it's not worth your time..... thank you!!!

MARILYN MANSON | Reviewer: JAMES | 2/19/10

marilyn manson is what people fear but to me he says what most of us are to scared to say. i agree with the man i'm not a slave to a god that dosn't exist. this is what i stand for all you people that judge you should judge yourself before someone else i hate all judgemental people

WOW! | Reviewer: Athena(MANSON) | 2/17/10

Everyone who's trying to press religon into this is rightfully stupid! Who cares what he says. He's AMAZING! I fully look up to him and he is an inspiration. I first listened to Manson when I was two years old, because my mother has Antichrist Superstar ( yes my mother listens to Marilyn Manson) And I'm Fifteen now and I think I'd run out of time on the computer before I need to say everything that he is to me. He's very poetic, a lyrical genius, and he's pretty good looking at that. He speaks what's on his mind, and doesn't care if people hate him or love him. At least he's not like those other little sell out bands that are all popular with the little preppy bitches, and their music is just in its entirity is just plain stupid. Manson should be respected. If you find him so fucking repulsive, why are you bothering to waste your time on a lyrics site pushing your religion upon people who respect the man? Go to your little church and preach about Manson there, as no one here needs to hear the bullshit that you are trying to say. It's honestly a waste of space that could have been used to post GOOD reviews.

I really long to meet the man, I would probably have a heart attack though. Then I'd ask him if he wanted to get a coffee or something...

Like I said I respect him, and if anyone wants to converse the subject furthur send me an e-mail hottie-gf-for-life@hotmail ( Yeah it's a fail e-mail but I made it five years ago,)

Thanks... Athena(Manson)

correction | Reviewer: nancy marzulli | 1/10/10

I was mansons boss in 1989 at BCC on the Observer newspaper
the part in the beginning that says, "; at the age of 18, he relocated to Tampa Bay, Florida, working there as a music journalist. In 1989, he became friends with guitarist and fellow outsider Scott Mitchell; they decided to form a band, with Mitchell rechristening himself Daisy Berkowitz"

He never was in Tampa Bay he was in Boca Raton Florida and attended college in coconut creek florida and lived in narhate florida and fort lauderdale...
and scott putesky his middle name may be mitchell but his last name is putesky

- | Reviewer: russian_prune | 12/24/09

Lydia - you are so cute!

When I was 14 i hated him, i thought he was just a meaningless character that gained fame though outrage and just being satanic and public about it.

Now I really appreciate his music but never mind that . . most importantly HIMSELF. I was deeply religious before (was even scared to SAY word satan=) Maybe that is why i find it easy to approach him now.
I am happy because I can really admire people's art, music. .etc despite their religious views.I dont have that fear anymore.

MARILYN MANSON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jonathan | 10/2/09

Marilyn Manson is not a bad guy he is actually very intelligent even though people thinks he is bizarre which is true but i think hes Awesome and kick ass i hate it wen people are like is that a girl!! Also people think hes a homosexual but he isnt

manson.not a bad guy | Reviewer: Didi | 9/9/09

manson is an amazing guy,lets over look the music,he funds children in need and once even when speaking about the rights of us teens he said 'why dont you ask the kids what they think and whant' i mean who ever asks us what we whant?
now looking at the music, metal is a way to relax some people and believe it or not it calms us down when we angry ,and it can hype us up when we need it. Brian Warner is not saying HATE,KILL,DO DRUGS,BE ... SATANIC.He is just singing what he believes in and he sticks to why would someone who believes in what he thinks strongly, want to chang somebody eles strong beliefs? if you believe in god,or whatever you believe in why the hell be bothered in what he believes?do people bother you about your culter? when people walk past me i get awfull coments on how i look how would you feel branded "FREAK?" well now iv gotten over it.would you feel comfortable wearing full black and looking goth? well yeah we would not feel comfortable wearing pink and all bright things. honestly we have hearts and the next time you walk past a gith and spit at their feet think about that.and think that manson caters music for us just like rihanna or beyonce caters for others.if you would like to debate this with me or even agree please drop me an E-MAIL AT. thanx

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