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As the multitudes of fans who regularly flock to see the
band live or buy their records are all too aware, there
really is no other band like Marillion. Refusing to
compromise their music by bowing to the marketing pressures
of focus groups or record labels seeking a chart-busting
single, Marillion have delighted in pressing on to create
their own unmistakable and authentic music.

"It's the Holy Grail for most musicians, to have complete
freedom of expression and to be free of commercial
pressures," says vocalist Steve Hogarth. More...

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Review about Marillion songs
End Israel NOW | Reviewer: Jonathan Mahon
    ------ About the song Gaza performed by Marillion

From Marillion a tremendous lyric
It should be written on every Zionists child to remind them of their crimes against humanity
The JewState is conducting a Holocaust of the people of Gaza, nothing more, nothing less.
Zionists should remember the terrorist outrage that was the St David Hotel, Israel is a TerroristState.
Israelis are the New Nazis

God' chosen one's | Reviewer: Pieratt
    ------ About the song Gaza performed by Marillion

People who aren't Christian will not understand this view. It is paramount that the Christian population support & defend Israel it is a demand from the bible, at every cost. No matter what I support Israel, because I believe in obedience to Christ our savior. By the way, I don't see Christians beheading Muslims or any other cult for not believing in Christ. Remember we all will be judged. For any who don't believe in Christ, it is the only path to seek, and that is the only thing that I'm certain about in life...

"whichever point of view" | Reviewer: jon Lyndon
    ------ About the song Gaza performed by Marillion

To state the obvious, this is an extremely brave work lyrically... Musically, adding the perfect intonations & sound, the song is pure genius.

For an Englishman (h) or pretty much any other to write this story from the view of a Palestinian is, even if not the reason, to a degree daring controversy. It is an extremely important & wonderful, even beautiful lyric. From the youth playing in the broken lands as bullets rained down, to: "We're packed like chickens in this town of block cement,
I get headache from the diesel."

"It just ain't right." X's 3.
This is emotional genius.

I am not even going to pretend to give any equity to this great piece of work, but I will say (again) that "Gaza" it is extremely powerful, potent work & SHOULD be recognized as a very IMPORTANT verse of poetical & musical literature.

On their own, the lyrics are stunning. W/ the music (17mins:24secs) "Gaza" is absolutely outstanding...

"Like a nightmare rose up from this small strip of land"

It may be writ from the point of view of one of God's children on the torn side of the wire, yet it does convey the message from such point of view as on either side. & to the rest of us, who see these horror images on the TV, in the newspapers, magazines or read/listen to this tale in this song, our eyes are open.

There are hearts beating there. Human hearts that "dream to dream".

I personally applaud the band & espc. the lyricist for this great work of literature. The lyrics to "Gaza" should be framed & placed inside great museums across the world.

"Hoping.. Dare we dream?
We gave up waiting
For us, to dream is still a dream."

If you are not moved by this great work of lyric-poetry, put your hand to your heart & feel...

Russian White | Reviewer: Mardekhamush
    ------ About the song White Russian performed by Marillion

This awesome song clearly talks about antipathy against terrorist regimes , Fish was great when he was in Marillion , Since he works solo Not himself nor Marillion are good bands anymore ;)

My head is haunted. | Reviewer: jon Lyndon
    ------ About the song The Invisible Man performed by Marillion

"The Invisible Man" as produced/recorded/performed by UK prog-rock band Marillion during the H (Steve Hogarth) Era... It is the opening track off MARBLES, their 13th studio album and, to that date, was the Magnum Opus of all Marillion albums post-Fish (Derek William Dick).

Invisible Man is both a beautiful and haunting composition which lyrically tells the incredible, paranormal tale of a man who once was, yet no more exists. We learn through the wonderful vocal talents of Steve Hogarth of this unnamed man's horrific plight into a state of purgatory... or perhaps, worse. As it is also a tragic love story. Hogarth sings this tale in the first person, and it is during the frantic pace some six minutes into the thirteen minute+ epic when we discover this invisible man, who once was married (?), is now himself haunted by all the things he knows, loves, cares for... but he is gone. "I shout my name in the public places /
No one seems to notice."

He shockingly witnesses his once-upon-a-time wife (married? It feels implied); he witnesses the horrors of watching her, seeing her, breathing her, wrapping his arms around her yet he is not there... she stumbles through him: "I'll feel your breath as you turn to go /I'll watch you leave /From somewhere up high." He watches even more horribly as her new husband (lover?) beats her, makes brutal love to her, watches her cry and he can only scream words which she nor anyone can hear. "I must watch in dread/
When he's cruel to you /In horrified silence/ As you make love /I cannot lift a hand /Lift a hand to stop him /I don't exist /What can I do?".

"Cold as a ghost." She is haunted by the man who beats her. He is haunted by his mysterious invisible nature. It is a heart-wrenching story. It is filmic in quality. And musically, it is a masterpiece. Pure brilliance. There is theater in the music of this song, and the music that is Marillion...

A Jester's Tear | Reviewer: ian
    ------ About the song Script For a Jester's Tear performed by Marillion

Probably the best song ever written, i remember listening to this song and the album when it first came out and i fell in love with it. Ian

Truly epic prog-rock ballad | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Grendel performed by Marillion

This is Marillion at their early best. Fish's voice is pure and full of the passion that drink and cigarettes have stolen in later years. Grendel was an early tune for Marillion, and one that they had played in concerts many, many times before recording it, so the sound is tight and well-honed.

Haunting | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Great Escape performed by Marillion

This song is haunting. Very emtional part of Brave, imho. If you have never listend to Marillion, get Brave and listen to it "loud and with the lights off." Another must have release from them is thier first album, Script for a Jester's Tear, but get the release with the bonus disc so you can get their first EP as well, featuring Market Square Heroes, Three Boats Down From The Candy and the masterpiece, 19 minute epic, Grendel.
Oh yeah, the new release, Happiness from the road is great as well as Fish's last release, 13th star. Get them both, now!

Absolutely Beautiful | Reviewer: Nicole Maendel
    ------ About the song Beautiful performed by Marillion

A masterpiece and total work of art- nothing short of 'Beautiful!' Fantastic instrumentals and vocals...very melodically anthem-esque.

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