Marillion Albums

  • Sounds That Can't Be Made Album (9/15/2012)
    Sounds That Can't Be Made
    Pour My Love
    Invisible Ink
    Lucky Man
    The Sky Above The Rain

  • Happiness Is The Road Album (10/20/2008)
    Dreamy Street
    This Train Is My Life
    Wrapped Up In Time
    Nothing Fills The Hole
    Woke Up
    Trap The Spark
    A State Of Mind
    Happiness Is The Road
    Half Empty Jam
    Thunder Fly
    The Man From The Planet Marzipan
    Asylum Satellite #1
    Older Than Me
    Throw Me Out
    Half The World
    Whatever Is Wrong With You
    Especially True
    Real Tears For Sale

  • Somewhere Else Album (4/9/2007)
    The Other Half
    See It Like A Baby
    Thank You, Whoever You Are
    Most Toys
    Somewhere Else
    A Voice From The Past
    No Such Thing
    The Wound
    The Last Century For Man

  • Marbles Album (4/27/2004)
    The Invisible Man
    Marbles I
    Fantastic Place
    The Only Unforgivable Thing
    Marbles II
    Ocean Cloud
    Marbles III
    The Damage
    Don't Hurt Yourself
    You're Gone
    Drilling Holes
    Marbles IV

  • Anoraknophobia Album (5/7/2001)
  • Marillion.Com Album (11/9/1999)
  • Radiation Album (10/27/1998)
  • This Strange Engine Album (7/22/1997)
  • Afraid of Sunlight Album (5/1/1995)
  • Brave Album (2/8/1994)
  • Holidays In Eden Album (5/1/1991)
  • Seasons End Album (5/1/1989)
  • B-Sides Themselves Album (5/1/1988)
  • The Thieving Magpie Album (5/1/1988)
  • Clutching at Straws Album (6/19/1987)
  • Brief Encounter Album (5/1/1986)
  • Misplaced Childhood Album (5/1/1985)
  • Real to Reel Album (5/1/1984)
  • Fugazi Album (5/1/1984)
  • Script for a Jester's Tear Album (5/1/1983)

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    Reviews about Marillion albums

    Great Album for those that've just suffered a heartbreak | Reviewer: Caitlyn
        ------ About the album Misplaced Childhood performed by Marillion

    I loved this album!! It is and will always be my favorite album by these guys. Fish(Derek Dick) is a genious!! This is the perfect album for people who've suffered a heartbreak. It diagram's the loss of one of Fish's very close and very long relationships with a woman he truly loved and how he came to overcome her loss. Childhood's End? is a great song that really shines a new light on a relationship that's ended and Threshhold is just plain kicking!! ^__^ On a scale of 0 to 10, this album definitely hits a 50!!

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