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Nirvana Marigold Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2013 03:28:11 PM

He's there in case I wandered off
He's scared 'cause I warned
He's scared in case I want it all
He's scared 'cause I won

All in all the clock is slow
Six color pictures all in a row
Of a marigold

He's there in case I wandered off
He's scared 'cause I warned
He's there in case I want it all
He's scared 'cause I won


He's there in case I wandered off
He's scared 'cause I warned
He's there in case I want it all
He's there 'cause I won


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It's a Late! song. | Reviewer: Listen, bitch. | 5/2/13

1992 - Pocketwatch is released under the pseudonym Late! Every sound on that cassette, except for the backing vocals was made by Dave. Marigold was first released on this album but it was titled Color Pictures of a Marigold.
1993 - Heart-Shaped Box single is released with Marigold on the B-side.
It's not a Nirvana song. It's a Dave Grohl song, or to be more precise, a Late! song.

as for meanings... | Reviewer: steve0 | 3/9/13

I've heard different meanings attributed, but I have my own interp. Everyone knows about the "deals" these guys make to get the career going. So you can guess who "he" is. Very simple, but also if you know a Marigold is a poppy...yum. One other thing sticks out in the back of my mind is that kurt and fam are all gold hairs. So use your imagination from there if this is Dave saying the lyrics:) Easy song to play but difficult to perfect.

shut the hell up MMBLUES | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/13

kurt cobain didnt kill himself because of the stress from his quote UNTALENTED WHORE second his suicide note wasnt even a suicide note it literaly reads that hes stepping out of the spot light and he dosent want his daughter to live a "hardcore grunge life" like his ur a fucking piece of shit who knows nothing about cobain my uncle personaly knew kurt cobain kurt wasnt suicidal and tell me this if he shot himself with a shotgun in the mouth how did he then bring the gun up across his chest? so stop posting your bullshit comments on websites like these and get your facts straight cause its hard to belive that you would call somebody who was more of a man than you a " SELF GLORIFIED PUSSY" When you become a rocker like cobain and take all the abuse and crap from everybody do drugs and get laid every fucking day tell me and ill applaude you oh yea and you cant have any thoughts of pfft suicide but that should be easy for a big man like you Look on the bright side, suicide bitch

Hate is bad, mmkay. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/11

Seriously just shut up, and whoever it was saying grohl is god and cobain a pussy who killed himself because he was a twat say that to your hero grohl and he would kick seven kinds of kpow into you for insulting someone who was as a brother to him.

no one likes you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/11

Self explained you crusader of the internet. every band is overrated, as long as they have fans they are overrated. that is what a fan is about, pledging allegiances to music that speaks to them.

jesus christ on a stick | Reviewer: mmblues | 5/2/11

Ok let's get this straight: it is a wonderful song yet quite repetitive!! Being a former CHASER OF THE TEMPTRESS & if you don't understand that terminology then you won't understand what I'm about to say: KURT COBAIN was NOT a GOD of ANYTHING except a CHASER such as myself. KURT is/was a GLORIFIED PUSSY in the biggest way possible!!! He killed himself (although I lean toward his UNTALENTED WHORE WIFE, whom saw big $$ in Nirvana song rights, or at least she contributed to the fact) The smartest thing he ever did was put the music under Nirvana so in case something like this happened royaltieswould go to band members not the WHORE, hence the legal battle that ensued, she wanted the royalty $$ for her untalented ass. Anyway he killed himself because he couldn't handle the fame he was receiving & the TEMPTRESS had a strangle hold on him. Who the fuck kills themselves @ the peak of such a career!! Doing yourself in is the PUSSY WAY OUT!! Towards the end he rarely showed up for recording sessions, if he did he was FUCKED up. This is why Dave (whom BTW is a great frontman) regardless of what one may think of him or the FIGHTERS of FOO. If only he could've really WANTED to kick, maybe he wouldn't have been such a woe is me about the success (many artists would kill for just a piece of that success) in my opinion ONLY : NIRVANA WAS/IS OVER-RATED!! PJ is the ONLY winner of that era of music, their music still speaks to those like me, of their age & the youth of today... Now w/ all that said:
Dave wrote (which was one of his firsts on a crappy acoustic & the only adornment on the walls of Krist's apartment walls were six pictures of a Marigold) he (Dave) also wrote "Friend of a Friend" about his new band members... So Dave wrote, played guitar, drums & SANG the song while Krist played bass... I am sure this will piss MANY of you off, but my skin is thick after all I've gone through & survived, SO FIRE A FUCKING WAY!!!

Kurt wasn't there | Reviewer: quazio | 12/28/10

He wasn't there dumbnuts!! Dave and Krist were hangin because Kurt wasn't at he studio when they were suposed to be recording. Then Dave was all like I wrote this song and then he and he and Krist recorded it. Yeah Krist was on bass and Dave on drums, vocals, and guitar. Like it matters anyway. Its a damn good song.

I just saw | Reviewer: Jeff | 12/22/10

I just saw this played live at Paladinos bar in Encino. Pat Smear played Guitar, Dave played drums and sang and Krist Novoselic on bass. Don't care whose song it is or isn't, this was an amazing experience. Got to meet Krist and talk to him for a few minutes after, a highlight to be sure.

14.08.2010 | Reviewer: ffgkk | 8/14/10

if kurt wrote a song, and performed all the vocals, guitar, drums and bass, well, would it be only kurt's song?
no, it would be nirvanas song, cau'se he were in the band when he made it.

so this is nirvana's song, ofc.

To Sum Up | Reviewer: asano_man | 7/8/10

Dave Grohl wrote the song, as well as performed ALL vocals, guitar, and drums, leaving the bass to Novoselic. Kurt did not contribute to the song, making it the only Nirvana song he had nothing to do with. It was first released as a B-side to the Heart-shaped Box single and later as part of With the Lights Out.

It is both a Nirvana song and a Foo Fighters song, having been released by both. Really, it's more of a Dave Grohl song, since he's the only common denominator out of it all.

HAHAHAHA | Reviewer: Big Bird | 6/30/10

After three years,this argument is still here?! Damn, Dave Grohl wrote it and played it with Kurt Cobain. It's a Nirvana song. IF you play and create a song with the current band you're and, and if they all contribute, it belongs to the band! There! Fuck!! Case dismissed!

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/10

You guys that think Kurt had any part in this song are idiots. LISTEN TO THE SONG! As a Nirvana and Foo Fighters fan, I can tell that Dave Grohl supplied the lead vocals and the harmonies. He also added drums and guitar - NOT bass; that was Novaselik. This is a Nirvana song, not a Foo Fighters song - it was released on When The Lights Out album. Grohl did perform it on his Skin and Bones tour and released it on his live album, but it isn't on any of his studio albums. It was recorded during the In Utero sessions.

Dave's | Reviewer: Diego | 4/2/10

Actually, Dave said he wrote the song at Kurt's in Olympia with a fucked up wooden guitar. There's a video on youtube about it, he said that during his band's acoustic tour. Kurt only did the back-up vocals on the first recording of the song, which was homemade.

wtf | Reviewer: arnob | 3/30/10

helloo friends, plz search marigold (song) wikipedia" dave sing the song and krist play bass, kurt wasnt there,its a great song,but not awesome like a nirvana track,please stop insulting an all time greatest band for a normal song,kur cobain is a god of music,and dave is jus a great musician,if he is better, then he must to prove it, nirvana kicked out mj in 1991, that was the time when rock and roll died,and pop was ruln,then nirvana comes take the place from stupid pop musicians,nirvana was called the biggest band in the world from 1991-1994, ah, there is nothing i have to prove, its in history of rock, just dont compare dave with the lord..its so stupid..nirvana rulz

ugh stfu already! | Reviewer: wtf | 7/20/09

quit bitching about everything! it doesnt matter who wrote the goddamn song, its not like kurt made any money off of it, and besides, is it ILLEGAL for him to do a duet with a friend? no, and if he didnt write it then dave knows that and none of your opinions make a fucking difference. I like this song no matter who wrote it, sung it, wtfe. If kurt were alive today, he would probably kill his self if he knew the bullshit everyone is carrying on with over crap that doesnt even make a difference!