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Marie Serneholt Biography

Last updated: 07/22/2006

Marie Eleonor Serneholt is the oldest member of the Swedish pop band A*Teens. Marie was born in Stockholm, Sweden on July 11, 1983. She nearly died twice before becoming a pop star, once from almost drowning and another from an illness. When the band took a much needed break in 2004, she began several ventures including advertisements for Maybelline in Sweden and several magazine covers in Sweden. She was interviewed in 2005 by MTV Europe speaking about becoming a solo artist. In the background of that interview, a song that she had recorded could be heard. Serneholt is currently continuing work on her forthcoming solo project. Her debut single is "That's they way my Heart goes". Her debut album will be out in March 2006.

Marie has also done voice acting for the Swedish version of Robots and Herbie Fully Loaded. Marie has stated before she would like to be an actress oneday