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The best-selling female performer of the 1990s, Mariah
Carey rose to superstardom on the strength of her stunning
five-octave voice; an elastic talent who moved easily from
glossy ballads to hip-hop-inspired dance-pop, she earned
frequent comparison to rivals Whitney Houston and Celine
Dion , but did them both one better by composing all of her
own material. Born in Long Island, NY, on March 27, 1970,
Carey moved to New York City at the age of 17 -- just one
day after graduating high school -- to pursue a music
career; there she More...

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Review about Mariah Carey songs
Against All Odds | Reviewer: michael roy montecabugason
    ------ About the song Against All Odds performed by Mariah Carey

The song is so very nice....Mariah is the best singer heard since when I was young, she is incredible when it comes to her falsetto...I love this version from Phil and Mariah the song is like star memories in the dark amazing and hope they will make more songs aside from this....hope for another song from Phil and Mariah just like this....

My heartbeat...thank God I found u* | Reviewer: Grace K
    ------ About the song Thank God I Found You performed by Mariah Carey

Dis song defines evrythin abt me,bcoz evrytym I hear remindz me f ma past.Bt jst wen i found u (Innocent),my whole lyf bcam so complet bcoz in u I find all da qualitiez i had owaz wantd in a guy 4 me.U min da world 2 me & I pray dat we go a lng way 2getha.God willin....u r myn 4eva*I lov u*

ADDICTING... | Reviewer: PrinceLover
    ------ About the song The Beautiful Ones performed by Mariah Carey

I love how prince sang this song, but then Mariah comes and slays it, her voice just melts like butter in the beginning then soars at the end, I'm addicted to her version from low notes to high belted notes to whistle notes to soul, this version has it all... #Respect

Mariah <3 | Reviewer: Night Winds
    ------ About the song Hero performed by Mariah Carey

When I first heard this really touched my literally pulled me away from the darkness, and brought me back to life, gave me hope and faith. It completely changed my views my inner self...and so much more.

So thank you Mariah. I am so happy that you were born and spread your legacy and work of beautiful art with all of us.

i miss you daddy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bye Bye performed by Mariah Carey

I lost my dad to cancer when I was 9(at 2005) he never showed me he was getting weaker and weaker day by day, I thought he was strong he could overcome anything. I used to love the song when I was young but I didn't know all the lyrics. Now that I got the lyrics I learn to love the song more n understand it. And he never got to see the good I've done, and see me back at number one. I wish he was here so we could celebrate together. I guess this song brings me closer to his spirit. Thank you Mariah <3

sort of confused | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Don't Forget About Us performed by Mariah Carey

received a random video text from my EX after six years of being broken up & havent even spoken to her in 2 years... this song brought tears to my eyes instantly..! wtf is really goin on!!!

i mic my uncle kids | Reviewer: chipolopolo
    ------ About the song Bye Bye performed by Mariah Carey

Its been years since you guys left us,Farai,Lynne and tendai tears get dry but memories can never ever fed we will also remember you all the times rest in everlasting peace love you

truly diamond superstar diva | Reviewer: eingel reyes
    ------ About the song Lead The Way performed by Mariah Carey

lead the way is one of my favorite song of my one and only favorite singer in the universe..she is truly amazing,i really like the movie(glitter)i watch this 5 times...her voice is full of love and yah..Ms.Mariah..God bless.

l love Hero song and always repeating it. | Reviewer: fajemifo Abiodun
    ------ About the song Hero performed by Mariah Carey

infact mariah carey is the best female singer in the whole world.for that hero song,the song is uncompareable. I love the girl she is very hardworking and beautiful.infact when l read her biography i know that God purposely create her for the purpose of other humanbeing to use music to change their life to goodone, also inspire their emotional feeling to a good inspiration.Abey Nigeria.

Nostalgia | Reviewer: Moses
    ------ About the song Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) performed by Mariah Carey

Its almost Christmas and im feeling very nostalgic listening to this beautiful classic song. if santa did exist i would wish that i cross the mind of the person i miss.

merry festive to all.


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