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White Turns Blue

Maria Mena is a singer/songwriter/performer with a rare and
precious gift. Her songs come directly from her heart and
her experience, are written with candor, clarity and
purpose, and are performed with a disarming guileless
charm. That she is 18 years old makes her talent all the
more remarkable and all the more vital. She gives voice to
the roiling emotions of adolescence and to those deeper
emotions we never outgrow.

"I've always tried to be really honest and really direct
and not hide anything," she says. "I More...

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Review about Maria Mena songs
still missing him | Reviewer: tamanna saini
    ------ About the song Miss You Love performed by Maria Mena

love dis songgg .... n nowww misssngggg himmm mor thann nythnggg ... he is everthng for me my life ma god ... evrythngg ... smthng wnt so badlyy so he decd to end the relatsndhp ..... just to avoid fyts and all .... some mistakes wer mine alsoo bt i was misssingg the spark of our relationn v were together for 2 yrss .. bt its alll over .. misssngg himm n going to love him forever ..

Jolanda | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Miss You Love performed by Maria Mena

My heart is broken today, My parents died 1.8 years ago, but I just had a relation with my love of my life for 1 month. After my parents died she moved in with me and now she decided she wants to be single. I bought everything for her, she lived for free at my place, and now I got my heart broken, I really don't know what to do, she is the only one who keeps me alive, I live for her, she everything for me. Really don't know what to do... She's the world to me, I will give everything for her love...

I LOVE HIM..... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Just Hold Me performed by Maria Mena

okk.. i am almost 14 and he is 15 and is confused bcs,, he like me much.. and i really like him <3 i can tell i love him.. ,, but.. he don't really think im mature enough to make something with me :/ <3
PLUTOO I LOVE YOU ;* <3 <3 <3 justt... trust me <3 :| ;/

Rejection | Reviewer: No Face
    ------ About the song Just Hold Me performed by Maria Mena

I recently met some one online, I thought he was perfect, we had an instant a connection between us like a spark and I knew he felt the same say. But for some reason he never let me get close to him and every time I tried asking him about it he always avoided the situation. Why was he being so reserved? I knew he was hiding something from me. I then discovered that he was already seeing someone else and it was serious. Why did he do this to me? Does he not care about how I feel? Did he ever love me at all? Now all I hear is his girlfriend telling everyone how much she loves him and how happy they are together. Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of him. I fell for him and he played me like sick puppy.

L.O.V.E | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Miss You Love performed by Maria Mena

my boyfriends name was actually love....
and i miss him so badly....
we live 5 hours apart....
and we decided it was for the best not being together....
we still love each other but he couldn't handle the distance....
it's 3 weeks since the breakdown....
and it still hurting me....

I miss | Reviewer: meaningless
    ------ About the song Miss You Love performed by Maria Mena

We are both in a relationship, but nothing commitment yet. We started as friend, just friend. Time goes by, we fall for each other. He expressed his feeling for me and we had good time together. He is the one who I can share every detail, concern, worry and happiness of my life. He allows me to be open and freely be myself. I fell so comfortable around him.

He is now somewhere I don't know and I miss him. I wish I can see him, just for a moment...I will do all I can...I really miss you and the song...just make me miss him more and more

Love me back | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Just Hold Me performed by Maria Mena

I loved a guy that I gave everything to and he still loved his ex-girlfriend. Nobody should feel sorry about their choices in life because those choices make you into the person that you are today. At least now I know what I don't want in a relationship. Everyone out there I believe there is love for everyone, not that I found it yet but when you least expected and not look for it, it will find you. If we don't have hope thn really what do we have..

Heartbreak. | Reviewer: Elizabeth
    ------ About the song Miss You Love performed by Maria Mena

Heartbreak is an awful thing to experience. It's more than awful. It is the most sickening, painful feeling in the world. It is the loss of the sunshine, and the gain of constant darkness. It is the loss of happiness, and the gain of excrutiating, overwhelming sadness. I have had my heart broken. I have felt the way many have felt. I love my ex with all of my heart, I'm always going to have a spot for him. The days spent with him were the best I've ever experienced. The way I would get so nervous, shake and get red everytime he looked at me. The way just one simple touch would calm me completely and I felt invincible. When he left, I was a wreck. I felt sick to my core. And sometimes - I still do.. Pain never really goes away. It just lessens to keep the mind from losing itself.

You have no idea about pain | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Just Hold Me performed by Maria Mena

Anybody who is in love and can show that love to the world should get on their knees and thank God he allowed you to.
The only love that is pain is when you CAN'T show the world how much you love that person because the 'world' doesn't accept it.
What kind of love is that!! Only the free spirits who read this will know.

So hard to listen | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sorry performed by Maria Mena

Those words describe so well what I am feeling inside. I was with my last boyfriend only for 3 weeks but I fell in love with him but he realized he dosen't have time for me and that he dosen't feel the same way about me. On the day we decided to end out relationship he kept repeating that he is sorry, so sorry and when I heard this song tears just started to fall down. Unfortunatly I miss him and sometimes want to call him or text but I know that I would feel stupid that way. Before he left hi wanted a hug and I cried at his arms but I know that he feels something towards me and I don't belive that he could not love me. Sad part is I love him no matter what but I wish i could move on or he would change his mind...

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