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Maren Ord Biography

Last updated: 04/24/2004 08:47:40 PM

:: It might be the fact that she’s been singing since she was barely standing. It could have something to do with her determination to teach herself guitar after years of piano lessons. Or it could be the crystal clear, soulful, fantastic voice that she wields like a torch. Regardless, Maren Ord is unforgettable.

:: During her short career, Ord has already seen a great deal of the world. It all began with the recording of her debut Album “Waiting”. Produced by Stephen Hague (Robbie Williams and The Pretenders), the album was recorded in London, England and New York City with the help of some folks who are no strangers to the business of music: Jerry Marrotta (Indigo Girls) played drums, Brian Minato (Sarah McLachlan) played bass, and Luke Doucet (Veal) and Russell Broom (Jann Arden) played guitar.

:: Considering that it was a radio station, POWER 92 in her hometown of Edmonton Alberta, that helped kick-start her career by playing 2 of her songs before she even had a record deal, it’s not surprising that radio in Canada took an interest in Ord from day one. The album “Waiting” produced 3 singles and 2 videos throughout its reign on the charts. In fact, these singles received so much attention that Ord was given the honor of winning the Canadian Radio Music Award for “Best New Artist - CHR” as voted by radio programmers at Canadian Music Week 2002. In addition, Canada’s Public broadcaster, CBC Television, joined in the game by recording and airing a 30 minute performance / interview program solely devoted to Ord during prime time.

:: Currently in the process of writing the follow up to "Waiting", Ord writes about life as she sees it - a life full of hope fueled by finding love and learning from lost love. Her lyrics recognize beauty and courage and are yet still fully aware of fear and loneliness in the world. Ord sings with surprising strength and conviction, cloaked in memorable pop melodies. "I want my songs to be uplifting, and to make people's lives better by listening to them," she enthuses.

:: Expect to see more of this feisty 22 year old in the very near future.