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Marduk was formed by Morgan who's desire is to create the
most blasphemous music ever experienced by mankind.

Marduk release the demotape "Fuck Me Jesus" which recives
enthusiastic praise and creates a big fanbase. The band
also records material for a 7"inch called "Here's no peace"
but the band later decides not to release it because they
decide to concentrate on a fullength album instead. Also
during the year Marduk performes their first and now
legendary shows.

The debut album "Dark Endless" is recorded in june More...

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Review about Marduk songs
Anti-Christianity? | Reviewer: Bethany
    ------ About the song In Conspiracy With Satan performed by Marduk

Hi. I am an avid church-goer and one day at bible studies my pastor noticed the music playing on my Ipod. It was In Conspiracy With Satan, one of my all time favourites, he mentioned that Marduk may have a slightly anti-christian message in their songs. I find this hard to believe. Can anyone please explain how he might have come to thnk this? Im confused.

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