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Sum 41 March Of The Dogs Lyrics

Last updated: 10/24/2012 10:56:08 AM

Ladies and gentlemen of the underclass.
The president of the United States of America is dead!

I don't believe in the politics of chosen fools and hypocrites,
Who walk a line that's tread so fine.
Is it death or glory you have in mind ?

And here we go again it's mass delusion
And no one knows who leads the revolution now.
As tension grows the way to a conclusion.
It's too late there's no time.
All for none, none for one, two, three, four !

March of the dogs to beat of disillusion
Sworn under god, breeding panic and confusion.
The white flag is down, send in the clowns
The carnival of sins is now about to begin.

It may be I'm a pessimist
But I'd say we need an exorcist
The root of all evil standing tall
Under God and above us all.

And here we go again in desperation
And all we know is confusion and frustration now
As tension grows no vision of salvation
It's too late, there's no time.

And now the president's dead
Because they blew off his head
No more neck to be red
Guess to heaven he fled
Was it something he said
Or because of who's in his bed
By whom will we be led
From whose hand will we be fed.
All the lies by the lying liars who said
We'll be fine
It's OK
Hey look mom no head!

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based to song analyst to the word of GOD | Reviewer: Tommy Rodriquez | 10/24/12

send in the clowns The carnival of sins is now about to begin.
The root of all evil standing tall
Under God and above us all. this is a bad lyrics men... a question do you believe jesus christ?

holiday? | Reviewer: Des | 11/24/07

you're right with it not being like holiday, but the album itself is somewhat similar to Green Day's American Idiot album. They both are a little alike becuase they both hate on bush and the american government. still, i luv both bands. Green Day is my fav, sum 41 is my 2nd fav.

AWESOME! | Reviewer: xXaniaTxX | 11/8/07

There's really no reason to compare Sum 41 to Greenday everyone... Let's all just SALUTE THIS SONG xD! IT'S AWESOME! The meaning is heaps good and really makes you think.

Burn in hell Bush =]

Greenday songs\are easy to play | Reviewer: ?o.O | 10/1/07

greendays song tabs are kinda easy. Anyways this song is really like an upgraded version of holiday!p.s. I also found the tab to the song. kikas!

Holiday? March Of The Dogs? | Reviewer: killer.emo - biohazard | 9/25/07

Ok, what you believe is up to you. Sum 41 and Green Day are different bands, same style of music, but the write differnt songs. Sum 41 are Canadian not American so the thing is that the are slagging the American Government. The Song Holiday talks about the Hiroshima bomb, Little Boy and thats what the "Armageddon Flame" in the song is. Sum 41 Talks about the Underclass not having the same equallity as the rich in the US

..... | Reviewer: Punker!! | 9/8/07

like i know im like an anarchist and i dont usualy listen to this kind of music....but these lyrics fucking rule!!!they're fucking awesome!!

JUMP DURING CHORUS! LUV IT!! | Reviewer: Des | 9/6/07

it kinda is like holiday with the political stuff. Green day is my favorite band too, Sum 41 comes 2nd. im glad they follow green day like in this song.
he means the meaning of the song is like holiday, not the sound.
AHHH im gonna see sum 41 live in like 2 weeks, i really really hope to jump all around in this song, and then the jester after it would be really awesome!!

Awesome everything | Reviewer: anonymous9 | 7/6/07

Favorite song not at all like Holiday. Where did you get that?

♥ | Reviewer: Lois Lane | 6/21/07

i absolutly ♥ this song, the lyrics are awesome and i just can't stop listening to the song. i ♥ sum 41!

plagiarism.... | Reviewer: GONZALO | 6/20/07

i think sum 41 is a great group... i love their music... and this song is really cool... BUTTTT... my favourite group is Green Day... and this songs is very similar... to HOLIDAY!!!DON`T YOU THINK SO?... that song of green day is alsooooo... PLEASE, HEAR THAT SONG, AND THEN TELL ME...!!!! sum 41... son not copy!!!!!! AFTER ALL I LIKE YOU heheh

March of the Dogs | Reviewer: iita | 6/11/07

This is what I've been waiting for, a great band and a political song. I wish I'll have money when the cd comes out.

Kick Ass Song | Reviewer: JUDDIN | 6/8/07

This song kicks ass I just found out the guitar tabliture for this song and I can play it. We all know Bush is a bitch, and just saying this song KICKS ASS

Great Song! | Reviewer: Jacquie | 6/2/07

I love the lyrics to this song. I would stand by this song, too if it was mine. Great job Sum 41 for having the courage to put a song out there that most other artists won't. Bush needs to go and he should have been gone a long time ago! Impeach Bush!